North to Alaska!

Just spent a week in Alaska on a cruise ship. What a trip it was on a number of different levels. First of all, it was good to get away from hustle and bustle of life in So. California, but most of all it was good to see some of God’s handiwork in nature. We were treated to some awesome sights that photos just can’t even begin to do justice to.


In those moments in front of a 300 ft. high glacier, under the shadow of 14,000 ft high mountains, and at the foot of gushing waterfalls you can really appreciate your own smallness in the scheme of things and the greatest of the creator.

Seeing whale tails and spouts in the water, eagles flying overhead and descending into the river in front you,capturing a salmon in its talons and flying up and away are also sights that one will never get use to or forget.

I was continually reminded of the Lord’s blessing to all of us in nature and especially the grace that he has given to my own family.



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