Monday Revival Service- John Crowder

Recently, Vineyard CC Laguna Niguel has begun to have revival services on Sunday and Mondays nights, though what’s happening here cannot be contained in any official service! I went to this Mondays service and was blasted away. The place was nearly filled and there was a real expectancy in the air.

Following worship, pastor Mike Hudgins began calling out diseases and we began praying for those who stood up. After a few minutes he called all those who received healing to come to the front. It was truly incredible to hear the testimonies of so many that were blessed and healed in our midst.

image Next came the special speaker for the evening, John Crowder. He and his family have done a lot of street evangelism and ministry all around the world. He is famous for offending some of us older ‘religious’ folk.

I tell you what, there were only two choices that one could make while he spoke. One could choose to be offended by what he said about the normative American church culture and thinking, or one could except that there are a lot a changin’ to be done.

I tell you what, most every ‘religious’ bone in my body turned to jelly during his onslaught and tirades, the Spirit fell on the place and backed up nearly everything he said.


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