A Charismatic Civil War?

J. Lee Grady in his latest Fire in My Bones column (07-09-08 -"Can We Avoid a Charismatic Civil War?"), notes that we seem to be in the midst of, or heading for, an internal battle within the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement.

image He notes that Rick Joyner in his popular prophetic book, The Final Quest, had predicted a major split in the church between those who he called the “Blues” who emphasize spiritual life in the supernatural realm of dreams, visions and miracles; and the “Grays” who rely more on knowledge, organization, and intellect. According to Joyner’s vision, the Blues will win the day and usher in true revival.

Since the coming of the Lakeland Outpouring, many have taken up conflicting and uncompromising positions on the Florida revival. Some have said that the whole controversy reminds them of The Final Quest scenario. Unfortunately, there are quite a few on both sides who seem to welcome the conflict. Just google: ‘Lakeland’ or ‘Todd Bentley’ and read a few–you’ll see and experience the ‘meanness’ of the battle!

If all you know about me is contained on this blog, you might suppose that I am clearly one of the ‘blue’ guys.  Actually, I like both the ‘blue’ and the ‘gray’ sides and try to balance it out in my own life and ministry.

I happen to believe that Lakeland is a move of God, but that does not mean that I will accept any excess or excuse any possible error in the name of revival.

Grady ends his article with three very good suggestions:

1. Let’s accept one another.

2. Let’s admonish one another.

3. Let’s pray for one another (see James 5:16).

If there really is a ‘war’ between brothers, it is our enemy the Devil who will really gain in the process.


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