Revival in a Kansas City Church?

According to a Charisma report, there has been an ongoing outpouring of the Holy Spirit experienced at a church in Kansas City, Mo. Since May 2, hundreds have gathered at World Revival Center to experience the miraculous power of God.

image Senior pastor Steve Gray said that he began to know that something was different in his congregation when lots of folks began to testify of miraculous healing, but also they began to flock to the altar and become changed:

“They’re becoming different people, we see the fruit of it. The commitment and desire to love Jesus and to serve Jesus more … than they ever had in their entire life. They have obviously been revived.”

“A lot of the children are receiving as powerful a touch as anyone, if [the Holy Spirit] doesn’t hit the children then, to me, it’s not a revival.”

“We have these tremendous powerful moves of God, then we sit down and we listen to the Word and we let the Word of God do its work in us.”

Response: It is my expectation that major revival will spread across all of North America in 100’s and maybe even 1000’s of churches, but that the form it takes will be somewhat different at every location, church, and denomination. There is healing here, but it is somewhat different than the Lakeland outpouring.

The Jena revival earlier this year, in Feb. and March, was different still in that repentance and cross-racial forgiveness and unity seemed to be the dominate features.

What is truly remarkable about the outpouring in KC Mo., is that this church was the home of the 1996 Smithton Outpouring, which lasted more than five years and drew 225,000 people from every U.S. state and 60 countries worldwide. Who says that lighting can’t strike twice in one place?  Especially if the Holy Spirit is directing it!            *Top

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