Revival Report: An Outpouring in Rural Virginia

image *Note: "Revival Report" is going to be an ongoing feature of this blog. We have always posted about every sovereign move of God that we came across from the beginning of this blog. In the future we are going to tag every revival ‘sighting’ that we find as a "Revival Report". I am hoping that there will be so many stories of revival breaking out across the country and in the world that it will become difficult to kept up with them all.

Just in this year 2008 alone, besides Lakeland, we have posted about sovereign moves breaking out in the following places:

1. Jena, Louisiana:  God is Moving in Jena LouisianaUpdate: Jena Revival -Still Going After 7 Weeks 

2. Beauregard Revival Center in Opelika, Alabama:  Re: Beauregard RevivalRevival Links 

3. Kansas City, Mo.:  Revival in a Kansas City Church? 

4. Iran:  Iran: A Hidden Revival 

5. San Francisco, California:  San Francisco: "Golden Gate Outpouring" 

*New Report: Revival in Rural Virginia- the "Winchester Outpouring"

image The newest report comes to us from rural Virginia, in and around the Winchester, Va.–referred to as the ‘Winchester Outpouring’. Three churches have banded together to share in this move which has been ongoing for the past 4 months. This outpouring has seen many healings and miracles, but best of all they are taking it out of the churches and into the community.

The most interesting feature for me is the involvement of the children in the revival praying for each other and for healing. Pastor Prock reports that children in his kids’ church prayed for one girl with torn ligaments in a knee and the girl ripped off her brace and danced about, claiming healing. Later, in this case, the scheduled surgery was canceled–praise God!            *Top

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