Prophetic Word: "A New Direction After Sept. 11"

Received this from Charisma Online- Streams of Revival:

Dutch Sheets, senior pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, believes that this year’s anniversary of Sept. 11 will bring about a positive new direction for the body of Christ. The following word was given to him through another person who had been praying about an upcoming three-day worship event Sheets is hosting Sept. 11-13.

"A New Direction After Sept. 11"

The Lord gave me this word for Sept. 11, 2008:

"What was a day of disaster will now be a day of laughter! I will open the gates of heaven! Transition is on the way!

"Breakthrough, breakthrough is coming for you, big time! For this is the seventh year following 9/11. Seven is perfection, nine is the harvest of fullness and 11 is transition or stop. Over! The old is out and the new has come! Be encouraged for all is well."

Response: This is in line with some of the things that I believe that the Lord has been speaking to me for some time now.

7 years ago on the day that President Bush was inaugurated, I had an incredible vision of a coming Revival that would sweep across all of North America, effect hundreds of churches and communities, and like a tidal wave engulf the British isles and wash up on the shores of Western Europe.

While the exact timing was not given, I had a distinct impression that it would begin while Bush was in office. This is one of the major reasons that I continue to look for signs of revival anywhere that I can find them.

Then 9 months later, a few days after 9/11, I had another vision where the Lord spoke to me directly that the ‘Prince of Islam’ had exceeded his bounds and that a new crusade was coming, not of swords and spears, but a revival that would sweep across Islamic nations and see 100 million Muslims coming to Christ as a ‘first fruits’. 

Lately, I think that we have seen a beginning of this—6 million or so Muslims coming to Christ a year in Africa, a major miracle in Egypta hidden revival in Iran, Also, authorities in Algeria are starting to worry about and persecute evangelical Christians who are said to have expanded quickly in house church ministries with an estimated 70,000+ members in a country where it is increasingly illegal for them to meet.

It is reported that many Muslims are becoming Christians after Jesus appears to them in visions in the night or while they are praying.            *Top

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