Heretical Charismatic Pastor Loses Church

image A once prominent leader in the charismatic movement, Bishop Carlton Pearson has been forced to shut down his church and merge it with a  Unitarian church.

Bishop Pearson was once the pastor of a large Charismatic church with over 6,000 members, use to be on the board of Oral Roberts University, guest host on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and was even part of a group of black religious leaders who use to advise President George W. Bush.

However, 8 years ago he began to teach a false doctrine of universal salvation, that everyone goes to heaven, which he called "the gospel of inclusion".  Soon, he was rejected by other Charismatic and evangelical leaders and the membership in his church fell to only a few hundred. Recently, the church’s property went into foreclosure and was lost.

Response: How the mighty have fallen. This is very sad, at least I feel a sadness born by the Spirit, and it is nothing to celebrate about, which I was ready to do until the Lord let me know how sad he was about it. Yet it should be an example to others and encourage pastors to remain faithful to the Gospel.

One would have hoped that after all the discipline and criticism that Pastor Pearson received that he would have come back into the fold. The only worse thing that could have happened would have been if Pastor Pearson’s church to continued growing as he taught false doctrine.

We do need to continue to remember him in prayer. Remember, it isn’t really over till it’s over.

One can only hope that this would happen to every pastor who continues to teach false and heretical doctrine.           *Top

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