Rolland Baker is in need of Our Prayers

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Rolland Baker Health Update from Heidi – 9 October 2008

Last week Rolland was diagnosed with an advanced case of malaria after several days of what he thought was a stomach bug.  He was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV quinine drip and monitored closely for any damage to vital organs.  His kidneys were shutting down at the time, but they are functioning again.  Thank you for your urgent prayers.  <<Read the whole update from Heidi>>

The Bakers have brought Jesus and healing to an entire nation. The story of their ministry in Mozambique and also Malawi is beyond incredible.

It is a story of revival and 1,000 of whole villages coming to Christ. A story of confrontation with witch doctors, Muslim clerics, and self-serving government officials.

It is a story of signs & wonders, miracles & healing, and an uncommon display and example of the Father’s love to the poorest of the poor in a poor nation.

We need to pray for Rolland right now and for full recovery in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.            *Top

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