Recent Testimonies of Healing

image This is the first of a new series, at least once a month we will search the Internet for recent (in the last month) testimonies of healing, mostly in the USA, and post links to the best.

The main stream media does not report on healing’s and miracles anymore unless they can prove that they are bogus or that there is a scandal having to do with the preacher. I believe that Christians really have no clue how many people God actually heals in this unbelieving nation of ours. It is my opinion that it is far more than we can keep tack of. Here are links to just a few posted within the last month: : Some great healing testimonies on this site :Testimony of shrinking tumor  :Testimony of healing of eye sight and teaching on healing. : Healing of Autism : Healing Rooms Ministries testimony site–hundreds of recent testimonies of healing : Testimonies from Healing Rooms recent- "Spiritual Hunger Conference" : Testimonies of healing from the Portland Oregon Outpouring, a revival which began Sept.10.

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