One World Economy–Shades of Revelation?

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Beijing, Oct. 25 — Leaders from Asia and Europe called for new rules and a stronger regulated global monetary and financial system at the close of a two-day summit in Beijing.

It was the consensus of the conference that a new controlled world economy needed to be implemented under the supervision of a world body.  Also, the idea of a new world currency was kicked around.

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Response: Setting up one controlled world economy might be the beginning of an end-time scenario.

One should never over-react to world events but any attempt to completely regulate all world markets, trade, money, and economy should cause us pause to consider. Especially since it is leaders from Europe, China, and the Middle-East that are leading the way.

Throw in a new President that wants to be seen as a cooperative internationalist and we could be facing unprecedented economic and political change, and a complete realignment of World leadership and power.             *Top 

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