I See Smoke on the Horizon

Pray for Southern California, USA

Picture by Martin LaBar via Flickr

I see smoke on the horizon, the Santa Ana winds have blown the gay demonstrators off the TV and front page print in So. Cal and replaced them with scenes of whole communities on fire.

Yesterday’s huge demonstration in Irvine was buried in the Local section of the Sunday paper. With all the TV media preoccupied with the fires, no one bothered to show up at Saddleback Church today, there was only one lone man out front carrying one huge sign advertising ‘30% off’ for the ‘Circuit City store closing’ sale.

We are still under siege here but politics and Gay activists have been replaced by wind, fire, 90 degrees weather, and natural disaster. Please pray for our area.

Let the winds be replaced with winds of revival and the fires with a raging move of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen.            *Top 

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