Faith and Love

Smith Wigglesworth

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From Charisma OnLine- This week’s message on faith by  Smith Wigglesworth:


Suppose I had all faith so I could remove mountains; and I had a big farm, but there was some of my farm land that was not very profitable. It was stony, had many rocks upon it and some little mountains on it that were absolutely untillable and no good.

But because I have faith without charity, I say, "I will use my faith, and I will move this land. I do not care where it goes so long as my land is clean."

So I use my faith to clear my land. The next day my poor neighbor next door comes and says, "I am in great trouble. All your wasteland and stony, rocky land has been tipped onto mine, and my good land is spoiled."

And I, who have faith without charity, say to him, "You get faith and move it back!"

That profits nothing.

Then when you pray, God will wonderfully answer you. Nothing will hinder your being used for God. Gifts are not only useable, but God is glorified in Jesus when you pray the prayer of faith. Jesus said, "When ye pray believing, the Father shall be glorified in the Son."

And though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. —1 CORINTHIANS 13:2

Heavenly Father, fill me with Thy love so that I might be used of Thee to glorify Thy name whenever I exercise faith. Amen.              *Top

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