Mozambique: Latest from Heidi Baker and Iris Ministries

image Here’s a link to the latest message from Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique, Africa.

                                       Heidi ends her post with the following:

Nothing is impossible with God.

Please keep praying for us and this ministry. We are so privileged to be alive to see what we are seeing now. We love what God has entrusted for this ministry to do. Thousands are coming to Jesus every month. Orphan children are being brought into our villages weekly.  They are finding out they are adopted by Father God as they meet His Son Jesus. Wells are being dug bringing fresh water, and children and pastors are graduating from our many schools. Thank you again for being such a very important part in all this.

Much love in Jesus,

Response: The message is well worth reading if you want to be blessed and uplifted. Also, we should remember to pray for these folk and their ministry.           *Top

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3 Responses to Mozambique: Latest from Heidi Baker and Iris Ministries

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  2. I saw a small segment of what you are doing in Africa on TBN this morning. I watched as you healed the deaf and others. I have been praying for my husband who has had several major sugeries, and now has a kidney stone, the largest the doctor has ever seen (l 1/2 ” in length) and he has to have another surgery. He is in a lot of pain, still going to work, but fearful of the surgery because he could spend a week in the hospital. I’ve prayed for his salvation, but, being Jewish, he’s very stubborn about accepting Jesus. I know that there is much pain and suffering in poor countries, and it may seem as though we don’t have it so bad because we have comfortable situations, but our problems can be just as painful. We desperately need prayer for healing in my husband’s body, his salvation, my eyes are failing and we really do not have finances to fix that. Also, my grown children have fallen away from God and no longer go to church or worship Him. There are so many things that we need prayer for, but I don’t think it would be right to burden anyone with everything. Sometimes I just feel that I’ve prayed and prayed and it gets difficult to continue. Thank you for praying, Margie

  3. randy saldana

    I;m asking if you can tell me how to pray for my Friend she is now Mozambique, Africa. these her friend time on mission she was if can praying her and team do you grad line in the way praying ,
    she in your school , there big thing I believe god is moving her name Mary
    it happen told a Heidi Baker one she want to go see for her your self as went she tell you going on mission so told no you going now she there

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