Coming Soon- An Unadulterated Move of God?

Received this from Charisma OnLine–the message reflects many of the things that I believe the Lord has been saying to me about a coming revival—>

Matt Sorger, founder of Matt Sorger Ministries, recently received a prophetic message for the body of Christ at a service in Chesapeake, Va. He believes the Holy Spirit told him that the next move of God will be a "clear-water revival" not tainted by human flesh, in which God will remove all areas of compromise and raise up a new breed of pure-hearted believers:

The Holy Spirit spoke very expressly to me tonight. When I stood in the office before coming into the room tonight I heard the inner audible voice of the Spirit of God speak to me a word for tonight. But as I sat in this seat, I was taken in the Spirit. And the Lord spoke a very clear word that I want to declare right now.

Holy Spirit said to me that He’s releasing a "clear-water revival." And He spoke it over and over and over again to me–clear water, clear water, clear water, clear water–He’s releasing a "clear-water revival." … The Lord said that He is releasing a "clear-water revival" and that this move of the Spirit will not be tainted by the flesh of man. …<<Read the whole thing>>


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