The Piercing Sword

Smith Wigglesworth

(-Smith Wigglesworth via Wikipedia)

A Devotional received from Charisma OnLine

Another message from Smith Wigglesworth to start the week out right:

The word of Life, the Christ which is the Word, separates in you soul from spirit—what a wonderful work! The Spirit divides you from soul affection, from human weakness, from all depravity, from the human soul in the blood of man. The blood of Jesus can cleanse your blood till the very soul of you is purified and your very nature is destroyed by the nature of the living Christ.

The greatest work God ever did on the face of the earth was done in the operation of His power.

Jesus was raised from the dead by the operation of God’s mighty power. The operation in our hearts of that same resurrection power will dethrone self and will build God’s temple.

Callousness will have to change. Hardness will have to disappear. All evil thoughts must be gone. Raised up will be lowliness of mind. This is a wonderful plan for us. His Word transforming, resurrecting, giving thoughts of holiness, inspiring intense zeal, and giving us a desire for all of God till we live and move in the atmosphere of holiness.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. —Hebrews 4:12

Word of God, pierce my heart and touch my whole being with Thy resurrection power. Amen.

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