The Word, Not Feelings

Smith Wigglesworth

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Received from Charisma Online-

Another great  message by Smith Wigglesworth to start off the week by:

Oh that GOD shall give us an earnest, intent position where flesh and blood have to yield! We will go forward. We will not be moved by our feelings.

The man is prayed for tonight and gets a blessing, but tomorrow, because he does not feel exactly as he thinks he ought to feel, begins murmuring. So, he exchanges the Word of God for his feelings.

Let Christ have His perfect work. You must cease to be. That is a difficult thing for you and me. But it is not trouble at all when you are in the hands of the Potter. You are only wrong when you are kicking. You are all right when you are still and He is forming you afresh. So let Him form you afresh today and make of you a vessel that will stand the stress.


When ye received the word of God . . . ye received it . . . as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.


Word of God, take priority over my feelings that I must trust only Thy truth. Amen.

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