A Word for the Church

Word for the Church

A Word for the Church from Nicki Pfeifer, co-founder with her husband, Mark, of Open Door Ministries in Chillicothe, Ohio (opendoorohio.com):

"This year, God has given me what my husband, Mark, and I believe to be five strategic keys for 2009.Now more than ever, it is imperative that we hear God and follow His word. Never before have we found ourselves at such a crucial stage in history! It seems that everything is changing so fast. Indeed, the overwhelming outcry of our nation has been for change. The recent election certainly can attest to that.

Our newly elected leader, President Barack Obama, stated on his Inauguration Day, "The world has changed, and we must change as well."

I believe that our nation has made a drastic change. There has been a major shift in both the natural and the spiritual realms. … As we watch the news and listen to celebrities, we see that the spirit of this nation has swung from godliness to unrighteousness.

In 2008, God gave us the option of going through the gate and making our way back to Him. Sadly, as a nation, we continue to slip further and further away from the principles that this nation was founded upon. We have chosen to do what seems right in our own eyes.

Life will never be the same from this point forward! Change has come, and we have entered into a new season.  …"

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Response: As with any prophetic word discernment is always in order. The statement above does reflect almost exactly what I believe the Spirit has been saying to me since the beginning of this new year. In fact it closely parallels What I said a few days ago in my article- "American Church at the Crossroads: "Change" .

At the end of the word are "Five Strategic Keys":

1. Strengthen key relationships
2. Create a covenant community of believers
3. Demonstrate love through compassionate outreach
4. Learn to operate in the supernatural
5. Get your finances in order

There is a lot of Godly wisdom and direction here for believers.            *Top

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