"Has Our Passion For Revival Waned?"

image This question was asked by ‘The Seeking Disciple’ in an article posted on Arminian Today. Here at least one significant quote:

"I know that for many of us we can easily grow tired of hearing about revival. We have seen "revivals" come and go. We have seen "revivals" orchestrated by the flesh and sustained by the flesh. …

True revival brings glory and honour to Christ alone. True revival is much like repentance in that it alters our hearts and minds to conform to Christ and His Word. True revival sparks passion for missions, for evangelism, for crying out to God to spare His wrath from the souls of people. True revival is not about one man or one woman, one church or one movement. True revival focuses all the glory and attention on the Lord Jesus and His kingdom."

Amen. <<Read the whole post>>

Response: Has our passion for revival waned? Yes, I think it has in some ways. So many have become wary of revival because of all the fleshly stuff that passes for it today.

Even when there is a genuine move of God lately, the enemy and the flesh sow tares in the midst of the harvest bringing the whole event into question and to a premature unsatisfying end.          *Top

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