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Link: A Charisma News update on Todd Bentley


One response to the update:  J. Lee Grady- “The Tragic Scandal of Greasy Grace

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12 Responses to Todd Bentley Update

  1. One has to read no more than 1 Corinthians 7 to realize what Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner, et al are doing is ridiculous and out of the will of God. If Todd Bentley ever wants to be taken seriously as a Christian, let alone a minister of the gospel, let him do a “Kathryn Kuhlman” and turn from an adulterous relationship. Until then, I have no time for the man.

  2. Jesus, Paul, and John the baptist explicitly declared all remarriage adultery. However, a divided church based upon consumerism can never enforce excommunication as the Roman church did until recently. Even in the Roman church, it is now possible to get an annulment to make the way for a remarriage.

    That said, it is obscene how the Charismatics, Evangelicals, and others have lined up to attack Todd Bentley even though 50 percent of their own congregations and many of their ministers are remarried. HYPOCRITES!!! Im talking to you Lee Grady and Charisma!!! Excommunicate the remarried out of your own church before you try to call for the excommunication of people you dont know except for their fame. You are worse than the papparazzi attacking the Hollywood divas for their every false move.

  3. Will,
    I believe you misunderstand the reaction of at least many Evangelicals to Todd’s remarriage. It’s not the remarriage per se that is getting hackles raised, but the fact that it is built on an adulterous relationship that carried over from his former marriage. We have become lightweights, that’s true, over the issue of the sanctity of marriage in the Evangelical world, but this is a particularly abominable display of disdainful fleshliness. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy Todd a cup of coffee, let alone listen to a word he preached (although it’s hard to say he ever did that), a prophecy he spoke or a prayer he made. He needs to break off the adulterous affair, period!

  4. This was unfortunate. I do think there was some kind of move of God going on down there. But somewhere or another things went off. I remember watching this one night when a woman went to the stage and talked about someone who she loved had died. She came clear from Europe, I believe, seeking a miracle,, for this loved one to be raised from the dead. she was a sincere woman,, really seeking and so forth,, I remember as she was speaking full of emotion,, this man just sort of pushed her head back and spoke as though he was not even hearing her request calling out some healing of some supposed pain in her back or something,, , it was like she was just another body on the stage. She wasn’t fitting in with the program. My heart just went out to that woman. Very sad. Though,, I still do believe,, God showed up,, but He wasn’t followed for very long.

  5. Please, please, please, remember Shonnah and the children. Remember, they still have to deal with pain and betrayal. Please be sensitive to the children when you ‘beat up’ their father, Todd Bentley. Pray they don’t start seeing their Heavenly Father through the devastated eyes of a child whose earthly father has feet of clay. Pray they can see the difference. Pray that Shonnah can learn to trust and love again. Pray against bitterness and revenge having entry into this family. Pray they don’t lose sight of Jesus, that they can see a failing for what it is – a human failing. Please have compassion on this innocent family, when you attack Todd Bentley. Put yourselves in their place. How would you feel if Todd was YOUR father, grandfather, brother, son or husband. How Jesus would gather up those hurting children and wife in his loving arms, and ,yes, Todd too. Don’t make the enemy’s job any easier by critisicm, gossip and pride. Remember, There for the GRACE OF GOD go I. God Bless you all.

  6. I was at Lakeland, for several days. The energy of those seeking the Lord was real, so was Catherine Mullins worship.
    But my inner voice said something is not right with TB, I sometimes saw demonic imagery of a Warlock on stage.
    A few days later it was all over with.

  7. I Love Todd Bentley. Not because he married once, twice or at all. I Love Todd Bentley because Jesus loves Todd Bentley. Let’s stop pointing at the sin and point the way to Jesus. The world is watching. They will know we are disciples for our LOVE for one another. Not by any of this unforgiveness nonsense. Take the planks out church so you may clearly see the specks. Loving Todd is the Answer to this mess not casting him down and out. Like I said, I LOVE TODD BENTLEY in Jesus Name.

  8. Why do people judge one another?In my opinion Todd Bently was working the supernatural unlike alot of the others.He who has never sinned let him cast the first stone.I enjoyed watching the super natural at work at the Florida Outpouring.I sincerely hope to see Todd soon.He has it going on.Love Dr Leonard

  9. Kathleen, Dennis… there’s a few of you in every blog response. What is it that you don’t understand about what’s going on with Todd bentley? Let me put it this way. …(admin: some unsubstantiated rumors and allegations against Bentley deleted- see Comment Policy)

    I’m tired of the “judge not” and “love one another” spewing as an “excuse” for these types of individuals. Todd is not fallen!!! He knew exactly what he was doing! He LEFT HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN FOR THE WOMAN HE WAS CHEATING WITH!!!! It’s not acceptable for anyone, let alone a so-called man of God! He bilked people out of money, He kicked people in the face. Are some of you soooo blinded that you can’t see what is right in front of your face? Todd Bentley is NOT on fire for God. Todd Bentley is on fire for Todd Bentley….and apparently for Jessa!

    The body of Christ has a lot of work to do in this day and age if there’s so many people gullible enough to fall for this man’s lies! He’s not even repentant! He thinks he’s gonna just pick up and go on ministering his false doctrine after all this……sad thing is he will probably succeed because of the lemmings he has following him that don’t really know what the Word says……I’m just afraid of where he’ll lead them to.

  10. I can hear a loud cheer in the second heaven as Bentley gets beaten up by christians and non-christians alike. This must be exactly what the Satan wants to see happen.

    God will have to touch and heal Todd in His own way. We ought not judge him.

    Please let us not lose sight of the bigger picture, the continuation of revival.

  11. Regarding God’s move in Florida….My wife and I experienced first hand, many true creative miracles…one was of a girl(13-Kelsey) that came in with her mother and sat next to us. She could barely move she was in so much pain….God spoke to me and my wife about what her problem was and what He wanted us to do. She had Auto-Immune Disease and had been bed-ridden for over 6 months and the Dr’s did not know what else to do for her. God spoke to us to ask her mother if I could carry her down for Todd to pray for her..she said ok, and 45 minutes later, after God moved through Todd, Kelsey’s pain completely left, and she was healed.

    I say this because it seems like many of you don’t understand that God is in control, and is still actively working miracles today!!

    There was a True move of God in Florida…and for several months, God used Todd to do many great things….were there points where Todd made mistakes, are there points where Todd makes mistakes….it is not for me to answer that or most importantly to judge him. I would be careful if I were one of those people out there actively coming against Todd….or any other man or woman of God.

    We are all flesh, we all make mistakes…God knows I have, but it is because of what Jesus did on the cross, that I can wake up each day confident that one day, I will be with Him in Heaven.

    We need to support each other, and not cast stones that we would not want cast against us!

  12. Thanks James, I appreciate you comments.

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