What Ever Happened to Revival? or Barack Obama is Our Saul!

 image  -Pres. Obama at Georgetown U. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

From late in 2005 through last year there were literally thousands of articles on the internet from Christians looking for revival to breakout in America at anytime, many from prophetic folks of note. What happened?

Myself, I had an open vision of revival on the very day that George Bush was inaugurated in January 2001. I really did expect it to breakout while he was president. Last year when Lakeland started out I really thought that it could be the beginning and spread quickly and nearly simultaneously to hundreds of different churches in places spread out all across North America at once. What a major disappointment that turned out to be!

I could not explain it at the time and I am just now beginning to understand some of it, but last fall America turned some kind of corner–probably around Jewish new year. It has to do with the entire nation getting caught up in the presidential election, even most Christians, and placing their hopes for change and a better world to come out of a political process.

When I asked the Lord what happened recently, I was reminded of Israel in the Old Testament when the nation asked for a king and got Saul. Before that, God was recognized as the King over Israel and when they needed a strong leader they would pray and He would send them a ‘judge’ to lead and rule in His name.

But now they wanted a strong king like the rest of the world had–this was not God’s perfect plan but he gave them Saul. Saul was head and shoulders above the rest in Israel and the perfect picture and choice of a leader in ancient times.

Barack Obama is our Saul.

I’m sorry, but I’m speaking on a spiritual level here and this has nothing to do with politics–it could have been McCain if he was elected. At this point I am sure that I’ve got everyone mad at me. Nevertheless—

Barack Obama is our Saul and he will not be able to solve our ‘Philistine’ problems–the economy and Muslim extremism and terror (but neither would McCain). I’m sorry but it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Here’s the good word:

God is setting up 100’s of ‘lighthouse’ churches across North America. Places that will provide the clear light of his Kingdom–places of revival and provision. Places where the blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear, the dead will be raised, and the Good news will be preached to the poor.            *Top

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