A ‘Good’ Shaking this Summer?


Here’s the latest from Charisma Mag’s Prophetic Insight: by Kim Clement: ”The Manifestation of the Sons of God”

Here’s the conclusion:

And God said, "There is going to be a shaking during the summer, but the shaking shall be a sign that the earth is awaiting the manifestation of God’s sons and daughters. For there shall be a glory that shall come forth with unusual signs, unusual miracles, unusual manifestations—that shall come as a result of this shout that is coming from the earth," says the Spirit of the living God.

"Even though the earth shall shake, and even though the heavens may rumble, and even though the winds may blow and hurricanes may come," God said, "It shall be a sign that I am coming to this country like a mighty, rushing wind, about to raise you up and give you one sound, with one voice," says the Lord.

[America] is going to shake with the power of the living God.

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Response: I post prophetic messages that speak to me in some way. In this one I see hope for the beginning of revival in America. We will not touch the controversial “manifestation of the Sons of God” reference which conjures up a variety of responses. Well maybe we will if some of you readers would like to comment.

I will say this about the message, I get somewhat uncomfortable when prophetic folk declare “and God said” or “says the Lord” or the traditional “Thus saith the Lord”—not knowing the mode in which the message came.

However, I have personally had at least a couple of occasions when I literally heard the voice of God and a number of open visions where that terminology might be totally justified. This might be one of those appropriate occasions.            *Top

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