Are Megachurch Pastors ‘Really’ Pastors?

(Saddleback Church near my home via Wikipedia)

It seems that most Megachurch leaders don’t really think of themselves as ‘Pastors’ but more as a "preacher-teacher," or "directional leader"—at least according to this article and research including a survey of 232 megachurch senior pastors over churches with 2,000 members or more.

What do you think—do members of megachurches suffer for lack of good pastoring? Probably.

From my experience in John Wimber’s mega Anaheim Vineyard church, small group leaders functioned as the real pastors over the flock– though John was probably the most accessible mega pastor that I have ever seen—and I have attended or visited a whole lot of megachurches over the years in So. Cal.  

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