“Taking the Pathetic Out of the Prophetic”

image Here’s a timely message on the prophetic from John Paul Jackson: “Taking the Pathetic Out of the Prophetic

John Paul says that “The misuse of prophecy has brought great embarrassment to the church. It’s time to
clean up our act and apply biblical standards.” 

He lists character along with properly developing the prophetic gift and actually bringing an edifying ministry to the church as 3 major issues that need to be addressed to bring on a reformation of prophetic ministry to the church today.

John Paul starts with his own story:

“Thirty years ago, prophetic ministry dramatically altered the course of my life. God sent a seasoned prophetic woman all the way from Israel to Dallas in order to have a three-minute telephone conversation with me via a radio program.

This encounter completely changed my career and life expectations and thrust me into ministry. It is an example of the power of true prophetic ministry—something that is desperately needed in difficult times.

But when I look at the broad spectrum of prophetic ministry today, I become concerned. I fear that a lot of us have gone off course, and it is going to take more than a shift in attitude to get us back.

It is going to take sweeping, all-inclusive prophetic reformation—reformation that begins within prophetic individuals, not the church. The way prophetic people view themselves must radically change first, and only then will the church change the way it views prophetic ministry.”

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