Spiritual Awakening: The Only Thing That Can Save America

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In J. Lee Grady latest article: “Spiritual Awakening: The Only Thing That Will Save Us”

He talks about the EastAfrica revival (See previous post) and how that is an example for what America needs right now–A spiritual awakening and revival with an emphasis on repentance that affects the entire culture:

“After hearing more details about the East African Revival while I was in Uganda last week, I was convinced that this type of movement is the only thing that will pull the United States out of its current despair. We must have a spiritual awakening, or we die. Political engineering, economic policies, government bailouts and stimulus packages will not save us. No politician, Democrat or Republican, will reverse our course toward destruction.”

Grady concludes with the following:

“But we cannot manufacture revivals. Pentecostal fire comes from heaven alone. … We must become desperate for the real thing.

Today our movement is mired in the shallow waters of self-centered, carnal Christianity. May God mercifully send us our own version of Balokole. May gut-wrenching repentance and public confession of sin interrupt our trendy worship services. May this holy fire spread until the people of the United States see genuine Christians living the message we preach.”

Response: Amen! Exactly what we have been talking about here for the last several years.            *Top

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