-The Pat Robertson on Haiti Controversy

Pat Robertson at one point in the video intimates that the earthquake might be a ‘blessing in disguise’. Then he goes on to talk about how Haiti in the past ‘made a pact with the devil’ in order to get free from the French and that the curse of God is still on that nation.

Somehow according to Pat the earthquake could be a ‘blessing in disguise’ if the nation turns to God in the midst of the tragedy.

What do you think about what he said here?

His comments are all over the news and the internet and have become an embarrassment to the Christian community. I have already heard of several atheists making an issue of it.

Did Haiti literally make a pact with the devil? I don’t know one way or another. It is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere and nothing ever seems to go right for them but there is also a lot of Christians in that land.

Even if Pat believed that he prophetically received that understanding from God it was not necessarily something he should have shared in the way that he did. Obviously not wise at all.

I can see little good coming out of such a ‘revelation’ at this point. It is tantamount to kicking someone who is already down. Understandings like this should probably be shared privately with missionaries and Christian leaders that serve there instead.

What do you think?            *Top

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6 Responses to -The Pat Robertson on Haiti Controversy

  1. I think it would have been easier for Jeremiah if he hadn’t shared God’s coming judgment on Jerusalem and the Temple too. The people forbid him to ever talk to them and tell them God was going to judge them. Then they made plans to kill him.

    I think it is a warning for the USA. In Luke 13:1-5 Jesus talks about the Galileans whose blood Pilate mixed with his sacrifices and the people the tower of Siloam fell on. He said, “Do you think these bad things happened to them because they were greater sinners than all the rest?” then He added, “If you don’t repent you will all likewise perish.”

    People need to wake up and be aware that God judges sin. Sometimes the innocent are hurt when it happens. But, if they love Him they are “safe in the arms of Jesus.”

    If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, how will we know to prepare for war?”

    In Him,

  2. Thanks Sylvia,

    Good comments and all true indeed.

    However, Jeremiah was specifically told to share his revelations of judgment with the people whether they wanted to hear them or not–he was God’s spokesman.

    Was Pat Robertson specifically told by God to share what he did publicly? I really wonder–it was like ‘casting pearls before swine’ –most of the folks who heard it have a different world view and have no way to respond to it except in ridicule.

    If this ‘revelation’ was meant to be public, how were the people expected to respond to it? There was no call for the Haitians to repent and no explanation of how they could remove the ‘curse’–only a statement that a curse was upon that nation because of the actions of some folks several hundred years ago.

    Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Haitians have become Christians and their number is expanding exponentially–is the national curse upon them also?

    Usually revelatory information about area principalities and regional ‘curses’ are best shared among Christian leaders who need to understand the implications for ministry in a specific area.

    Prophetic ministers usually receive revelation, dreams, visions, and special information all the time. But that does not mean that everything is suppose to be publicly shared. On the contrary, those who regularly move in revelation learn to seek God’s wisdom and instruction before sharing–specifically who to share stuff with and when.


  3. I heard no warnings to America in PR statements, just after the fact speculation. Biblical prophets had the audacity (and faith) to speak before the fact.

  4. I do believe that if Pat Robertson had received that revelation from God, he would have been instructed to warn the Haitians to repent before the tragedy. It seems to me that God always gives a warning if a judgment is coming because of specific sin. Jesus taught in Luke 13 that some bad things happened to some people, but not because they were worse sinners than others.

    I do believe that judgment is coming soon to America and our cry is going out daily through Letters-to-the-Editors, Blogs, Websites like this, personal witnessing and through reading of the Bible. When it comes, the masses cannot claim that they weren’t warned.

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