-Now’s the Time to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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There are many reasons why Christians should continue to remember Jerusalem in our prayers. First of all because I believe that we are commanded to pray for Jerusalem in Psalm 122:6. But beyond that we need to pray for the destiny of that land and people.

Those of us in America should be praying for Our President and his administration. VP Biden has been over to Israel recently and pretty much favored and was sympathetic to the Palestinian Muslims and their claim over the land. In fact he warned Israeli officials that their relationship with the US was in severe danger over settlements in Jerusalem.

It is my perspective that if this country does not support Israel and their right to Jerusalem then we are the ones that are ultimately in real trouble. So even for purely selfish reasons we do need to be praying. I just don’t understand why we would want to support violent dictatorial Islamic despots over the freely elected leaders of a democratic Israel. It doesn’t make sense to me on any level. Obviously we are battling against demonic powers here and spiritual blindness can be the only logical explanation. Prayer is essential for this situation.

Also while praying for that land we do need to remember to pray for the Palestinian Christians who are all but being ignored and constantly under persecution by everyone. Unless there is a major revival those folks are basically going to disappear.

Meanwhile, while the international community is sleeping an Islamic giant- Turkey is rising in the north and already challenging Israel having made recent pacts with Israeli neighbors Syria and Jordan and even more telling a reconciliation with Iran. For over 60 years Turkey has been one of the only friends of Israel in the Middle East, but no more.

Then there is the pretentious Ahmadinejad and the rise of Iran and their nuclear ambitions in the East. Recently Iranian officials had extensive talks with their allies in Syria along with the leaders of terrorist groups from Lebanon and the Palestinian Territory. All with a view towards coordinating attacks upon Israel particularly if the Israelis try to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

Yes folks, even though Israel seems so far away for many of us it is extremely important right now to pray for the peace and wholeness of Jerusalem and her people. Believe me, the effects of an escalation of war over there will be felt in this country. Many international experts believe that we have already passed the point of no return with Iran testing missiles last week that could carry a nuclear load and easily reach Israel.  Meanwhile, the American press is substantially ignoring many of these developments in the Middle East.

How will it affect us in our safe far away land? What about gas at $7 a gallon. What would that do to our already weak economy? If gas goes over $5 I am personally out of business. Many experts say that a confrontation between Israel and Iran would result in stopping the flow of oil from the Middle East for several months at least. In fact Iran has already said that they would intentionally stop and sink all oil shipments leaving the gulf in the event of war.

For these reasons and for the sake of regular folks who would be victims of any war let’s remember to keep Jerusalem in our prayers, particularly right now.

Here’s another good article to read about the importance of praying for: “The Peace of Jerusalem”                *Top

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