-America: Christians an Endangered Species in the Future?

(by Glen’s Pics via Flickr)

This is why we need revival in America. It is a matter of survival for the Christian community in the future. Presently all of the polls and demographics are against us.

In one generation we could go the way of Europe and become an entirely secular country with a small minority of church-going Bible-believing Christians.

Here’s the statistical bad news:

“Reality dictates that 4 percent of the next generation of adults will be Bible-believing Christians. In essence we have five years—since the majority of conversions occur before the age of 20—to reach 71 million young people, or this will become a post-Christian America in the mold of postmodern Europe.”

Response: It is time to pray for revival. It is also time for action. Nice little touchy feel good church renewals will not be enough. It is time to take back America–the cities, the schools, the neighborhoods, the marketplaces, and the Internet social networks for Christ.            *Top

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