-“What in the World Is Happening?”

image What in the World Is Happening? -Cindy deVille asks this question in her latest offering to Charisma’s Prophetic Insight. She observes:

“We have witnessed unprecedented flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, including the erupting of a volcano that shut down most of Europe’s air travel. We have seen a historic oil spill threatening our coastlines and economic systems; massive earthquakes; tsunamis; wars; severe rioting; political unrest; economic turmoil and terrorists bent on killing masses.

Nations are in an uproar! What in the world is going on?”

Response: This is a question that many of us have been asking lately. At first it all seemed to be just a series of unrelated happenings and maybe some of them are just that . However, as these extreme events begin to pile up many are seeing the entire world turned upside down physically, economically, and politically.

It is no longer possible to ignore that something major is going on and changes are happening to our world that will change it for ever. Meanwhile the gospel is reaching nations and peoples in places where it has never been before. What is God’s message for his people and his church today in the midst of these chaotic times? According to Cindy deVille:

“The church can—and must—be ready for the days ahead!”

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