-Taking to the Streets


Servant’s Heart an Assemblies of God mission in Louisville, Ky., doesn’t hold a traditional Sunday service but takes their ministry to the streets instead.

Ministry teams regularly witness and pray for folks during prayer walks and visit stores sharing scriptures with customers on Sundays along with holding home Bible studies, clothing and food giveaways, and sponsoring free medical clinics.

Jared Miller, the 24-year-old leader estimates that over 100 people that they have prayed for have been blessed with healing over the last several years:

“…nothing matches God healing people and bringing the book of Acts to life.

"I had never experienced spontaneous prayer and repentance before," he said of one impromptu prayer circle last year that exceeded his expectations. "I was catching a glimpse of what revival will be like. For people in our neighborhood, we believe that stronger than Sunday morning worship time is a seven-day-a-week connection to the family of God."

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Response: The beauty of this ministry is that it can be done anywhere. Major components can be done by regular Sunday going churches. The church I attend sends out teams into the area malls and Wal-Marts all of the time to great affect. We also have a food and clothing warehouse for the poor that reaches out and touches thousands of people.

I am convinced that we are in the midst of a revival in America and the only thing that Christians and churches need to do to participate in it is take to the streets and follow the heart of the Father. Take Jesus into the stores, markets, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. Pray for everyone you come across who needs prayer and healings will follow.

If you want revival that is where you will find it.            *Top

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