-Double Dip Recession, Depression, and Israel?

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The news this week is full of gloomy economic reports for America. Major financial experts are fearful of an expanding ‘double-dip’ recession at a time when they were expecting and proclaiming recovery.

Worse yet, some are even whispering that we may ultimately end up in a major depression before it is all over.

This morning I read a report that China had divested itself of 97% of their U.S. treasury bills (trillions) in the last couple of months. It was their purchase of our debt up to now that has kept everything afloat and from going south. THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS!!

What does the future hold economically for America?

Three years ago when this recession started in America, several major prophetic folks gave words that this economic downturn could last far longer than anyone expects and depending upon how Americans respond, it could mean that things will never be the same again.

Although my own personal business has suffered considerably, I have maintained a hopeful outlook. However several events in the last month including the Chinese dumping our treasuries have caused me to now be rather concerned about our future.

From my perspective, it is no surprise that this recent turn for the worse follows President Obama’s announcement that Israel must give up Jerusalem and all of the holy lands and sites that it gained in the 1967 war.

It is my contention that if our present administration is allowed to continue down the road toward unwitting support of Arab Muslim anti-Semitic goals then America will surely continue in its decline.

Right now in Europe there is considerable pressure being placed upon the Euro governments to support a new Palestinian state whether Israel agrees or not. In the UN there are several bills sponsored by Middle Eastern countries that would make Israel an international pariah unless they revert to 1967 borders without any concessions from the so-called Palestinians or radical Arabs that continue to call for the utter destruction of Israel and the complete eradication of the Jews from ’Muslim lands’.

Worse yet, mainline Protestant Churches are being encouraged to allow imams to come and teach from the Quran in order to foster better relations between Christians and Muslims in America. However, also in the process Muslim organizations are asking to speak in the same churches in order to present their propaganda in favor of establishing a new Palestinian state that would include Jerusalem as its capitol.

Folks, we are living in interesting times and how American Christians respond to the challenges before us could very well determine whether the USA rises up once more or descends into the dust bowl of history.

I believe that how we handle Israel as a nation could be an important factor in determining our future. Here’s a great article by Jack Hayford listing all of the Biblical reasons why Christians should be supporting Israel and taking action right now: Why Stand With Israel Today?

Hayford starts out with this proclamation:

President Obama’s May 19, 2011 announcement regarding Israel needs to be heard as a trumpet call from God’s Spirit: “Beware – Take Action!”

Amen!            *Top

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