-Revival Report: Move of God in Paris (Not France but Arkansas)

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Paris, Arkansas is a town of 3,500 or so and far less famous than the city you all know about in France.  First Assembly of God in Paris planned to hold ‘revival’ services beginning in February but God changed the date a gave them the real deal in January instead.

According to Senior Pastor Ken Maness when the new year rolled around he just knew God was about to do something big:

“The Lord just began to move. People were just getting healed. We were just having tremendous services; people getting saved.”

“In modern times I have not witnessed people literally being under so much conviction that they would get up and run to the altar. But we saw that time and time again. Just run, just desperate to get to the altar to give their hearts to God. That was just tremendous.”

Meanwhile folks traveled quite a distance to worship there and experience the outpouring which lasted 11 weeks and culminated with 155 salvations and 114 baptisms in the Holy Spirit. Then according to Pastor Maness the intensity began to wane:

“That convicting power was just not there like it was.”

Though the revival officially ended in April, the Lord continues to move in Paris changing the hearts and lives of many. According to Pastor Maness:

“[The Lord] has brought us, I think, into a time of taking care of the harvest and taking care of the fruit from our revival … I really felt like He spoke to my heart and said and encouraged us as a church … to take care of the fruit of this revival so He can trust us for another outpouring—for future outpourings.”

Response: I envision outpourings like this in communities all across North America. Each one will be somewhat unique and especially designed for that area and some will last longer than others.

This is just one of the first few kernels of revival corn to pop. Eventually there will be moves of God happening in so many places that it will be difficult to keep track of them all. Praise the Lord for small beginnings and unexpected glorious results.            *Top

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