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-Responding to the Times?

image Here’s some good council from James Goll on how we should be responding to all of the different situations and problems facing our nation.

He points out that the American church has not really turned to God in a disparate way, that the circumstances may call for more radical responses on our part.

Personally looking over the history of our land, there has never been a time when so many major natural disasters have stricken this country in so short a period of time. Then we are in the midst of 2 1/2 wars while our economy is at its worst point in last 70 years or an entire generation.

What does the future hold?

We are preparing for the worse both naturally and economically out here in California. Too many words have come our way to ignore the possibilities of major trouble. However we are also expecting and hoping for revival in the midst of it all.

How are we to respond? Radical prayer is in order. Read the suggestions for responses to differing situations in Goll’s article: “Responding to the Times”

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“We Need Another Jesus Movement”


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Every once in a while J. Lee Grady comes out with an article that hits it right on the head. In this one he says that we need to get back to Jesus and the Bible like those simple days of the ‘Jesus People’ movement of the 70’s. Well worth a read:  “We Need Another Jesus Movement”

Here is where he hits us hard:

The Jesus movement was primarily focused on—surprise!—Jesus. Theology was not complicated, pastors weren’t trying to be hip or sophisticated or tech-savvy; and we hadn’t yet created a Christian subculture with its own celebrities and political power bases.

… In my travels this past year I’ve been horrified to learn that many Spirit-filled believers have given up the discipline of reading their Bibles even semi-regularly. They prefer a steady diet of culturally relevant, fast-paced, techno-theology that is a poor substitute for discipleship.

Many charismatics have developed the attitude that a simple focus on Christ isn’t enough. We’d rather go to a “prophetic encounter” to hear what Obama’s chances are in 2012, or experience some exotic spiritual manifestation (gold dust, gems falling out of the ceiling), or ask Rev. Flash-in-the-Pan to pray for us for the sixteenth time so we can receive yet another “special anointing” that we will probably never use.

In the midst of all this charismatic gobbledygook, where is Jesus? Am I the only one out there who is weary of this distraction?

Response: Amen!

I remember the Jesus people movement well and I live 15 miles from where it all started and still see the effects of it.  I go to a church that traces its beginning in the midst of it with a bunch of folks that came to Jesus then and part of a movement that started in the aftermath.

All of us look fondly back on those days when the Holy Spirit fell upon a bunch of hippies and college students in Orange County California and did a sovereign work that is still on-going.

God raised up a bunch of uneducated nobodies and turned them into Bible teachers and mega-pastors. The Holy Spirit fell upon a bunch of hippies and students and instilled in them the notion that everybody gets to play and all are called to minister. Plus he called forth a bunch of musicians who demonstrated that guitars and contemporary music could be used to worship God and bless people in the name of Jesus Christ.

For us the message that Grady brings is an admonition to return to our first love- Jesus. Then let the heavens open once more and transform a new generation and another half a million or so folks in Southern California and eventually touch millions of folks from sea to shining sea.

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-“The Fire of Holiness vs. the Spirit of Perversion”


Here’s a timely article by J.Lee Grady: “The Fire of Holiness vs. the Spirit of Perversion”

Starts out this way:

“Moral failure in our ranks has become an epidemic—and the only solution is a heaven-sent spiritual housecleaning.”

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-The Lord is Slaying Giants –Time to Cross Over

Rafting in the Jordan river

(Jordan River via Wikipedia)

This morning at the Marketplace Prayer Group the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of the Lord slaying giants.

The theme of the morning was ‘crossing over Jordan’. there was a sense that many of us there this morning were on the bring of being able to cross over into ‘the promise land’ in our jobs, businesses, and ministries.

The vision originally came in response to one particular brother who had been experiencing health and financial issues and at the same time had received miraculous provision.

However also during that time he had received numerous words that seemed almost ridiculous in the face of what he was currently facing yet the lord this morning was confirming the validity of all of the incredible words for future business and ministry he had received.

While meditating on the vision I believe that the Lord told me that it was also for everyone there and the American church in general.

Many of us have been facing ‘giants’ standing in the way of fulfilling the visions and calling that the Lord has given us over the years. Sometimes those words seem almost ridiculous in the face of all of the challenges that we are personally facing.

Many of us have been looking for and praying for revival in America. Now is the time to cross over and receive it. Now is the time to step forward in faith. It is time to stop looking at all of the ‘giants in the land’ and the reasons it can’t be done. The Lord himself is slaying all of the giants standing in the way. Praise God! 

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-Reap Now! Don’t Wait for Revival

Golden Fields on the Way to Gordium City of Ki...
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John 4:34-36
35 Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

On Saturday while I was praying the Lord showed me a golden field of grain that was ripe and ready to harvest. Then the scripture above came to mind along with the words:

This is the day of your visitation don’t miss it.

I meditated and prayed over the meaning and timing of the word and the following clearly came to me:

Reap Now! Don’t wait for revival.

I believe that this is a word particularly for the American and Western church. Revival is already going on nearly everywhere else—Africa, India, China, and even hidden revivals in North Korea, Iran, and all over the Middle East. There is a great world-wide harvest going on everywhere but in America and the West.

Many of us have been praying for revival with the perspective that once it came then there would be a great harvest and untold thousands would accept Jesus and turn the whole country around. But now I believe that the Lord is telling us to begin the Harvest and not to wait for revival. The fields are ready right now.

Now is the time to bear your testimony and tell folks about how Jesus has blessed your life.

Now is the time to pray for that sick neighbor.

Now is the time to demonstrate the Love of God that passes all human understanding to everyone around you.

Now is the time to reach out to all those unsaved relatives that you have been praying about for years.

Now is the time to teach your children about Jesus.

Now is the time to lead your adult children back to Christ.

Now is the time to teach your grandchildren about the Good News.

Now is the time to encourage that fellow worker that is depressed and tired of living.

Now is the time for all of the servants of Jesus to begin an all out harvest and signs, wonders, miracles, and healings will follow.

In the midst of it all we will realize that revival has come and it won’t be just another ‘feel-good’ time at church. This revival is destined to be in the marketplace, in the schools, on the job, at the malls, in the neighborhoods, on mainstreet, in the ghetto, and at Wal-Mart too.

 -Reap now and revival will come.


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