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-Japan: A New Opportunity to Spread the Gospel and Bring Revival?

In the midst of chaos, death, and sorrow one Japanese-American minister sees a new opportunity to spread the Gospel in a land that has basically rejected it.

Japan has a population of about 130 million and while the majority somewhat practice Shintoism and Buddhism in reality the younger generation is basically secular in their world view.

Only about one percent of Japan is Christian and the church has grown very slowly in the last 100 years or so. But the article also points out that the Gospel spread quite quickly there in the 16th century when  Portuguese missionaries first brought Christianity to Japan. However for a number of reasons it fell into disfavor and was actually banned from the country for hundreds of years.

Doug Stringer, the half-Japanese, half-American founder of Somebody Cares America, is leading a team now working on the ground in Japan. It is Stringer’s view that Christians need to work together as a team across racial and denominational lines in Japan in order to make any kind of real impact. The few Christians that there are in japan have unfortunately been divided and have seldom worked together in the past. Stringer is hoping that this will all change and the church will be far more united in the future:

“Crises draw people together, but some groups, even Christian groups, want to get their five-minute sound bite or 15 minutes of fame and they no longer really work together.  It’s like a fishing pole catching one fish rather than a fishing net woven together to catch a lot. We need to work together.”

Stringer has hope that the Gospel and the church will rise up and meet the challenge amidst the ashes of destruction in Japan and bless the entire nation:

“I believe we can turn it around again in Japan for Christ. This is our opportunity to go to that one percent. We can see a nation of very honorable, but proud people in a desperate situation receive the love of Christ through God’s people in a very tangible way. They will see the living Christ and meet the Hope of Glory because of it.”

“We must leave a lasting equity for churches, pastors and missionaries—the Christians in Japan—so that out of this tragedy we can see lasting transformation. I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to personally see those changes, but I want to empower believers in Japan to get past their differences and become part of something bigger than themselves—to see history in the making as hearts become open to the Gospel message.”

According to the article, Stringer has received a number of personal prophecies over his life including one word that indicated that he could end up touching the royal family itself and government of Japan.  Also, that he and his family might be instrumental in initiating a revival in that country.

We hope and pray that these words will be fulfilled through brother Stringer and others who are also called to break down the spiritual walls of resistance that has kept Japan from receiving Christ. Please pray with me for revival to break out among that honorable people.            *Top

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New WebSite For Testimonies

If you need to be uplifted and encouraged or emboldened, see the new VCC Testimonies website. The site publishes testimonies and praise reports from Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel, California USA.

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A Divine Appointment For Healing-A Personal Testimony

As I went out my front door Monday morning headed for work, I was discouraged and conflicted. I was thinking, “I should have gone to church yesterday and got prayer, I don’t feel any better and yet here I am going to work”. I had been sick for 2 1/2 weeks with pneumonia, gone to the doctor twice and the medicine didn’t seem to be helping. I was really weak, kept on trying to work, crashed and did nothing on the weekends, missed church two weeks in a row. Yet, here I was going out the door headed for work. Read more »

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