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Laughter and Joy in the Lord

image After all the recent controversy about ‘laughter’ in the church. Here is a devotional sent to me today from Charisma Online. I still believe there is a place for genuine response to the joy that the Holy Spirit brings into our lives. Sometimes I cannot help but laugh!

Joy in the Holy Spirit

Today’s message is from Fuchsia Pickett.

I am told that laughter was a large part of the revival of 1948. It is a part of the move of God today. I know that some people may try to counterfeit this experience. But that doesn’t mean that joy and laughter are not real experiences in God.

I preached recently on the joy of the Lord. I had no idea what the response would be. When I finished preaching, we sang a chorus about the joy of the Lord. The glory of God began to breathe through the church. I saw men bending over in laughter. Children were giggling and teenagers were cackling.

I elbowed my husband and said, “It is happening.” No one had suggested anything or forced that manifestation of joy to happen. The presence of the Lord was simply filling the people and allowing them to experience His joy without inhibition.

We have lived a sour Christianity long enough. When God brings revival this time, we are going to be so happy that we will harass people with our happiness. They will be provoked to jealousy over our carefree, joyful countenances, attitudes and actions.

Joy is not found in worldly pursuits. Most people in the world have already discovered that truth. As the world sees our joy in the Holy Spirit, they will be attracted to God. And, as the presence of God reveals the compassionate heart of Jesus, we will be moved with love toward the unsaved.


Lord, I don’t want to be a sour-faced Christian who frowns on those who are free enough to enjoy Your presence. Fill me with Your supernatural joy.


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Was the Church Security Guard Inspired?

Was the volunteer security guard ‘inspired by the Holy Spirit’ when she fired a dozen shots and killed the gunman at Colorado Springs’ New Life Church?:

a female guard with a drawn handgun turned a corner and walked toward the gunman and yelled "Surrender!" Bourbonnais said.

The gunman pointed a handgun at the woman and fired three shots, Bourbonnais said. She returned fire and just kept walking toward the gunman pressing off round after round.

The female guard fired off about a dozen shots.

After the gunman went down, Bourbonnais asked the woman, who has only been identified as a volunteer security guard with the church, how she remained so calm and focused.

Bourbonnais said she replied:

"I was asking the Holy Spirit to guide me the entire time."

Response: It might be controversial to some, but I do believe that she was strengthened and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Hundreds of Christians could have been killed in this incident except for the heroic and ‘inspired’ actions of this woman. What an incredible story! 

(Kudos to Hugh Hewitt where I found it)

*Update: The Security guard shot the gunman multiple times, however, the coroner has ruled the death a suicide. Apparently the shooter finished himself off after the security guard put him down.            *Top

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“A Baptist Conference on The Holy Spirit”

This weekend (April 27-29) Baptists and others are meeting for a conference on the Holy Spirit. It was organized by Rev. Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington and a trustee of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Pastor McKissic is quoted as saying:

“We are praying that God will pour out His Spirit upon us as we gather as a body of Baptist and evangelical believers with diverse viewpoints. We’re also praying that we will leave this conference knowing more about the Holy Spirit as a doctrine, but more importantly we will also ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon us at this conference so that we will all fellowship with the Holy Spirit as a person.”

We should be praying for these folks and asking God to show up in a special way. Come Holy Spirit and surprise a bunch of people, in Jesus name, Amen. *Top

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Can the Holy Spirit Show Up at a ‘Hip-Hop’ Church?

I read this article about a ‘Hip-Hop’ church in Moreno Valley, California. At first I thought: “There is no way that this can be ‘real’ worship. After all, how can the Spirit show up and minister in the midst of that kind of noise.” Then I was quickly reminded of a time in 1970 when I was a youth minister and the Pastor let our high school youth group do the Sunday morning service.

Folk music was popular at the time so we slightly changed the words of one Dillon song and two of Simon and Garfunkel’s and had the congregation sing with our guitars instead of the regular hymns. This was way radical at the time, there was no such thing as ‘contemporary’ worship music.

The Jesus people, Calvary Chapel, and Chuck Smith were just getting started 20 miles down the freeway. It was a great experience for the kids. However, the Pastor received all sorts of complaints from some of the elders in the congregation. Many of the comments seem rather funny now. Read more »

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Comparing Islam and Christianity -The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Islam and Christianity have very different views about the Holy Spirit and Spiritual gifts.

1. The Holy Spirit: Read my article comparing the views and different identity of the Holy Spirit within the two religions –posted on my Apologetica blog.

2. Spiritual Gifts According to Islam:

There are no spiritual gifts in Islam. All signs and miracles are done directly by Allah: “Signs are only with Allah” -Sura 6:109-110. No man can perform healing or miracles. The only miracle that Muhammad did was to deliver the Koran–The Koran is the greatest miracle of all in Islam. Read more »

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