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-Watch Woman Get Healed and Walk for First Time in 22 Years

This YouTube video was shot during a revival service on Friday August 27 at the Mobile Convention Center. It is 13 minutes long showing a progressive healing. It begins with Delia Knox in a wheelchair as she has been for 22 years since she was paralyzed in a car accident on Christmas Day 1987.

After several minutes of prayer she begins to get some feeling in her legs then after more prayer stands up with some assistance and walks haltingly around. Incredible!

The second video is 2 minutes long showing her at the Revival service one week later on September 3 and now she is able to walk some without assistance:

Delia Knox is a music minister and popular singer who pastors Living World Christian Center in Mobile, Ala. along with her husband, Bishop Levy Knox.

The revival service was led by former Brownsville Revival leader John Kilpatrick who remarked that the services in Mobile, called the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, looked like they had the making "of another powerful revival":

"We have miracles taking place, we have souls being saved, the glory of God has moved back in like it did on Father’s Day 1995.

“Already things are happening quicker than they did even at Brownsville," he said in late July. "The word’s spread. I think it has the potential to be a really powerful revival."

According to a Charisma article before the Knox healing the Mobile, Alabama revival had already seen numerous signs, wonders, and miracles including healing of the blind and the deaf, and even some folks who watched the services online.            *Top

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Jerusalem: An Interview with Heidi Baker, Part Two

Here’s Chris Mitchell’s second interview with Heidi Baker: “Back to Jerusalem

The following is part of the Mitchell’s intro to this video:

Many of you may have heard of the "Back to Jerusalem" vision of the Chinese church. …

In this second part of our interview with Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries, she tells how they’re planting thousands of churches throughout Africa on their way back to Jerusalem. It’s all part of the fulfillment of the Great Commission…

Heidi also shares some of the lessons the church in the West can learn from the people who are "the poorest of the poor." These are people dependent and desperate for God. As Heidi says, "if God doesn’t show up, they’re dead." But she says He does show up, the God who is alive!


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Jerusalem: An Interview with Heidi Baker, Part One

Chris Mitchell of CBN News interviewed Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries in Jerusalem a few days ago. This first video contains an update on the ongoing revival ministries of Heidi and her husband Rolland in Mozambique and Malawi, Africa where they have planted 10’s of thousands of churches, and run several orphanages and a school of ministry.

I have personally experienced their ministry several times in my home church during their visits back home to South Orange County California. Always an incredible experience.

This is what Chris Mitchell in way of introduction on his Jerusalem Dateline CBN website:

“Would you believe people are being raised from the dead? Or the deaf hearing? Even food being multiplied? Heidi Baker believes it and has seen it. …

What happened then sounds like stories straight out of the Book of Acts. But Heidi insists it’s happening today. She says it’s a story of miracles and Muslims coming to faith in Jesus.”


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Demonstrate The Gospel

 image Here’s a great message and testimony from Ben Cerullo:

I will never forget that night. You could hear the astonishment in the people’s voices as they shouted with amazement. The woman they had known all their lives and referred to as “the deaf, mute woman” could suddenly hear!

It happened as I preached the message of salvation. This woman who had never heard, could suddenly hear the words from my mouth. All the people from the neighborhood were astounded. They knew her. They knew she was deaf. And now she could hear. It was a true miracle of God.

Not only was this woman’s life changed, but the entire neighborhood received hope by witnessing that miracle. In the worst neighborhood in Honduras, God poured out His hope to all those people—by healing that one woman.
That’s the incredible power of demonstrating the Gospel, that’s what we are all called to do—demonstrate the Gospel.

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-An Incredible Creative Miracle

(-Newport Pier via Wikipedia)

Here’s the testimony of an incredible ‘creative miracle’. A creative miracle is when God does the impossible and re-grows dead or missing tissue-like a missing arm or in this case replaces dead lung tissue.

This is the story of a little boy named Jacob who was one day in bed with life threatening lung disease and cardio complications and the next weekend boogie boarding at the beach on a fine warm Southern California spring day.

It is also a praise report of provision for the whole family during the crisis, and a story of unseen prayers of regular folks like you praying for healing and provision. The following is a first-hand account from Jacob’s mother:


Jacob had his appointment with the Pulmonologist this morning at CHOC.  Dr. Y. was STUNNED by the incredible difference in his CT Scan!!!!

The prior CT Scan showed his left lung was 90% filled with Nasty Battle-Droids…I mean Pneumatoceles.  The Doctors could not see ANY healthy lung tissue.  They “hoped” if they did surgery to remove the dead lung tissue and the HUGE Pneumatoceles they may be able to salvage a portion of his lung and healthy lung tissue “might” re-grow. 

Also, the border of Jacob’s lung was so damaged that it was allowing his lung to push into his heart causing pain.  The Doctor’s were worried that Jacob’s dead left lung would damage his healthy heart.  That is why then called the heart and lung surgical expert, Dr. Palafox.  If they were removing the lung and the heart had been compromised he would be the best man to take care of them both while he was inside Jacob’s chest.  They planned to remove the “dead-lung” to save the heart.  You have two lungs and can live with only one…the heart is a non-negotiable. 

The healthy lung tissue is now THERE and the Pneumatoceles are NOT!!

God did not need to wait for surgery to clear anything out of His way… He just created NEW HEALTHY lung tissue just like HE did when he formed Jacob’s lungs originally 8-years ago!!  The border of Jacob’s lung is now strong and his heart is not being touched in any way.  Praise GOD!!

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