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-An April Fools Joke?

image (-Book Cover: “Believing in a God who does not exist: Manifesto of an Atheist Pastor”)

An Atheist Protestant Pastor? Condoms being handed out at church? A practicing Muslim serving as an Episcopal priest? A practicing Gay Bishop? All ‘April Fools’ jokes Right? No–incredibly true!

This is where you end up once you begin to deny Biblical authority and established truth –than anything goes.            *Top

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USA: Out of Wedlock Births hit 40%

St. Clement's Island cross

(-Picture by via Flickr)

US out of wedlock births now exceed 40%. A real indicator that the nation and the dominant culture is headed at full steam away from Biblical Christianity or so it would seem. Unfortunately, I would imagine that the statistics for the American Church are only slightly better.

It is amazing to me how many supposed Christians follow the dominant culture and live together before marriage. I’m sure that many of you Pastors out there have seen this trend.

The super abundant grace taught in so many churches has opened the door to immorality without fear of any judgment from other Christians or from God. Worse yet, so many Christian leaders have jumped the ship and live contrary to Christian Biblical standards and yet brazenly expect to continue in the ministry.

Many see no reason why they should change. A homosexual Bishop continues to live with his same-sex partner and causes schism and division among a 70 million member association but preaches that the Bible is wrong and everyone that opposes him must change?

A former president of an Assoc. of Evangelicals has an affair with a homosexual prostitute but says that now he is ready to minister again but the Church is treating him rather badly and he airs all his dirty linen and attitudes on TV–obviously being used by enemies of the church.

A well known mega-church pastoring couple separate, keep on ministering, and try to split up their huge ministry like it is some kind of multi-million $ business.

A major prophetic minister falls into homosexuality and alcohol but rejects the plan for a supervised recovery, goes his own way, finds a group that extends fellowship to him and now says he is ready to return.

Then the latest, a major healing evangelist falls into adultery, divorces his wife and leaves his children, but now is ready to begin restoration? Because he will never do that one again since he is now married to his sin and intents to continue in it?  More shocking, several major leaders seem to be on board with it all?

The fastest growing religious category in America is “none”. Why not, the church has become just like everyone else.

But it is now time for the faithful church to stand up and walk a different path–with signs following but also expect the beginning of real persecution from a rapidly departing dominant culture.            *Top 

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Update: Street Ministry Attacked in SF Castro District

image The street ministry that was recently attacked and received a police escort out of San Francisco’s Castro District was JHOP-SF, affiliated with Lou Engle’s JHOP (Justice House of Prayer) ministry–the sponsor of TheCall. Here’s a link to their statement of the events that happened on Fri. Nov. 14, 2008.

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Street Ministry Attacked in SF Castro District

(Video length- 4:45) I found this video on Michelle Malkin’s blog.

It shows the San Francisco police department  protecting and escorting a group of Christians out of the Castro District in San Francisco, CA. It’s only 4 minutes and 45 seconds long but it seems to last forever–actually viewing it for a minute is probably more than enough to get the idea.

The event happened last Friday night in the Castro District, a predominantly gay community in the city of San Francisco, California.

A group of Christian young people had been conducting a street ministry every Friday night for quite some time in the Castro district–talking to people about Jesus and how the Lord loves them and can change lives. Also, they would usually sing worship songs and pray over the community.

Last Friday night was different. <Read the whole article>            *Top

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