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Arson Confirmed @ Palin’s Home Church

image The hometown church of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was set on fire last Friday night, causing an estimated $1 million in damage. There were a handful of women and children inside the church at the time and fortunately everyone was able to escape without injuries.

Federal investigators confirmed that the fire at the Wasilla Bible Church had been caused by arson.  <<Read the Whole Article>>

Response: Bet you thought the election was over? Well we are still living in the aftermath out here in California. Now this in Alaska. I do believe that we have turned a new page in this country–We could well be seeing the beginning of real persecution of Christians and the church.         *Top

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I See Smoke on the Horizon

Pray for Southern California, USA

Picture by Martin LaBar via Flickr

I see smoke on the horizon, the Santa Ana winds have blown the gay demonstrators off the TV and front page print in So. Cal and replaced them with scenes of whole communities on fire.

Yesterday’s huge demonstration in Irvine was buried in the Local section of the Sunday paper. With all the TV media preoccupied with the fires, no one bothered to show up at Saddleback Church today, there was only one lone man out front carrying one huge sign advertising ‘30% off’ for the ‘Circuit City store closing’ sale.

We are still under siege here but politics and Gay activists have been replaced by wind, fire, 90 degrees weather, and natural disaster. Please pray for our area.

Let the winds be replaced with winds of revival and the fires with a raging move of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen.            *Top 

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Re: "…a righteous wind at our backs…"?

US Senator Barack Obama campaigning in New Ham...

Barack Obama via Wikipedia




On Wednesday in Leesburg, Virginia, Barack Obama stood before a crowd of 35,000 and proclaimed:

      "I feel like we got a righteous wind at our backs here."

What do you think?

I do have the audacity of hope all right–that a real righteous wind is going to sweep across this land and it has nothing to do with politics or political change. 

The statement took me beyond the political considerations and decisions that face our nation in a very few days and transported me into a different ‘prophetic’ mode. It is ‘a mighty rushing wind’ that I see in a vision in my mind sweeping across the nation from sea to shining sea–it is the righteous wind of God that I would like to see at our backs bringing real change.

Let it be Lord, Let it be. Let your righteous wind blow across the entire face of this land. Let it blow from East to West, from the North to the South, In Jesus Name.

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We Need to Pray

image We are in an economic crisis is this country. I have spent the last couple of days reading article after article from supposed ‘experts’ with ideas about how we can get out of this mess. All vastly different.

The Bush administration has come up with a proposal that could do the job for now, but with little assurances that it would not result in trouble for the future.

In the middle of a presidential election, and also one where the Congress and some of the Senate are running for re-election in November, is probably the worst possible time for politicians to think about the welfare and the future of the country. This is a time when partisan politics is in full bloom with each party trying to hang the problems on the other. They are both to blame.

Nevertheless, the situation not only demands quick action, but also the right stuff. Politics needs to be put aside for a few days and a bi-partisan solution needs to be hammered out.

I have also read several prophecies (I will not link them) from different prophetic ministers warning that we are at a cross-roads where the whole thing could come down like a house of cards–unless Christians intercede. The bottom line, we really do need to pray.

We need to pray for our leaders that they would quit their usual party bickering and come together.

We need to pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire some of the best and most influential leaders with long-term solutions to the problems before us–a more permanent set of solutions which will not only solve today’s problems but not create different ones for the future.

We need to pray that our leaders will actually be humble and accept inspiration from God—-and we need to pray that there will be time to get it all together.             *Top

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Newsweek: Palin’s Pastor Preaches about Hell!

image This is another Gov.Palin controversy pointed out by Newsweek writer by Lisa Miller. The subtitle of the article is "The senior pastor of Palin’s former church preaches hellfire for anyone who isn’t saved by Jesus".

I guess this seems to bother some and it is out of step with an ‘Oprah’ culture which proclaims that there are many different ways to God.

I like Dr. Albert Mohler’s response:

"So we find in Sarah Palin’s pastor an evangelical who believes in hell and preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only means of escaping hell.  In other words, he is an evangelical preaching like an evangelical.  Alert the media."

This is just way too much fun!            *Top

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