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Media Unhinged on Tongues and Palin

imageI don’t know if you have seen the now famous Oliphant ‘tongues’ cartoon that was published in the Washington Post. I warn all Charismatics/Pentecostals to view it at their own risk. Rich Tatum posted on this with links to some articles and responses including one from the AG Church. Rich’s perspective on the issue is well worth reading.

Also, here is a link I found on Commonplace blog to a post about Keith Olbermann on MSNBC making fun of tongues, praying to God, and Palin.

Response: Whether you support Gov.Palin’s candidacy or not, this is way over the top. These are just a couple of examples, there is a lot more out there!  Here’s a link to a post of mine on my Movie-TV review site with a video of Matt Damon criticizing Palin for believing in the creation–this one is just fun! Matt the ‘spy guy’ says that he’s afraid of Sarah.         *Top

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A Media AG Cheat Sheet

image There have been all sorts of ignorant statements and outrageous comments made by the main stream media and 100’s of blogs concerning the Assemblies of God Church that Gov. Sarah Palin was raised in.

Here’s a great ‘primer’ and synopsis of the history and beliefs of that denomination–written by Mr. PneumaBlogger himself—Rich Tatum, and published by Christianity Today.

Rich does a great job explaining to the religiously challenged MSM that the AG Church is far more mainstream than they suppose and not some ‘weird little cult’.  Note: Rich use to work at the AG USA headquarters.            *Top

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Re: Religion and Politics?

Since no one has responded to the previous post, I will comment on the mix of religion and politics myself and chime in with a few observations. image image Both subjects can be volatile and have been known to split friends and families more often than any other topic of conversation. I can remember a few uncomfortable Thanksgiving Days in my own extended family history.

With an election coming up in November, both seem to be topics that are increasingly on the blogosphere. Actually, I am interested in both all the time.

My Response: Yes, Christians should be involved in politics:

1. We should vote.

2. We should support the best people for office.

3. We should support issues that are important to Christians.

4. We should support issues that are best for our family, community, society, culture, and country.

5. Some Christians may actually be called and inspired by God to be politicians (as strange as it seems).

My Concerns:

1. It does not serve the gospel well for the church and Christian organizations or groups to be connected with or overly identified with one particular political party. Christians need to be an active influence in all of the parties–particularly both major ones.

2. Increasingly, the media, atheists, and leftist ideologues are trying to push Christianity out of the public arena.

3. Increasingly, the media, atheists, and leftist ideologues are verbally supporting the idea that Bible believing Christians should be disqualified from public service—because of homophobia, anti-abortion stances, belief in creationism, support of Israel, and because Bible believers are considered hopelessly ignorant.

4. Increasingly, the media, atheists, and leftist ideologues are picking out and portraying Charismatic/Pentecostal Christians as crazy (observe the recent treatment of Palin’s AOG connection).

5. Some conservative Christians do drive me nuts—-those who insist that Barack Obama is really a Muslim—and those who say that they would vote for even a bad supposed Christian before they would vote for a very qualified Mormon.

6. Politics can not be and never will be a substitute for the Gospel or true revival. If you really want to change the country—pray for revival. If you really want to change your neighborhood, community, and family—present the Gospel.  If you really want change—Christ is the one and only true Messiah.           *Top

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Religion and Politics?

image I found this quote in a New Man article by Rick Scarborough about why it is important for Christians to participate and vote:

“I often hear it said, ‘Do not bring religion into politics.’ This is precisely where it ought to be brought.”—Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Agree or disagree?


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Barack Obama: The Hope for a Nation in Need of Revival?

This post is not about politics, it is about the soul of a nation. Popular politicians are like chameleons who take our temperature and reflect back to us what we want to hear and promise to give us what we think we need. I have been an active observer of the animal for more than 45 years, but this presidential election has surprised me on a number of different fronts.

 image It really is remarkable how nearly the entire country is sensing that the USA is in need of some kind of spiritual revival or change. I have been blogging about the need for revival in America for nearly two years and have noted a tremendous increase among fellow Christians talking about and praying for revival in that time.

Unfortunately, I have not seen it reflected in most of the pastors across this great land. So many preachers have become like politicians and entrepreneurs in the process of growing and seeking the successful ‘mega’ church–taking the temperature of the people but not necessarily listening to the message that God has for our nation. So many are proclaiming that it is enough merely to believe in Jesus for salvation and that grace is sufficient to cover what ever we want to do.

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