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Re: One Year Later–Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley

(Picture via Wikipedia)

QUOTE: "I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would ever give Todd Bentley a platform again. I believe in redemption, but for some things you forever forfeit your public ministry. This man has proven by his lifestyle to be who he is, and our churches shouldn’t be using him, period." —Assemblies of God General Superintendent George O. Wood.

Response: As it now stands I am sadly in agreement with this statement. Even worse, Bentley has obviously become a divisive issue in the church. One point however, I do hold out the possibility that Todd could be properly restored but not in the direction he seems to be going right now. Any comments? Please keep it civil and constructive.

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Todd Bentley Update



Link: A Charisma News update on Todd Bentley


One response to the update:  J. Lee Grady- “The Tragic Scandal of Greasy Grace

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One More Look at Lakeland?

Todd Bentley

(-Todd Bentley via Wikipedia)

Here’s a link to one more article by J. Lee Grady about Lakeland: 

"20/20 Hindsight: What I Hope We Learned From the Lakeland Revival"

Grady lists a few points that he hopes that we can agree on.  Some lessons he hopes we have learned from the Lakeland experience:

Lesson #1: Accountability. Accountability. Accountability.

Lesson #2: The one-man show is over.

Lesson #3: Chill out.

Lesson #4: Character is more important than anointing.

Lesson #5: Lay hands on no man quickly.

Lesson #6: You can’t have revival without repentance.

He also provides a link to a new statement (Nov.28) by the directors of Fresh Fire Ministries on Todd Bentley.

Response: Re: #1,2,and 6 –I am in total agreement with. Re: #4 -Character is just as important as an anointing. However, God has used flawed servants to do incredible ministries in the past. Re: #5 -Todd was not new to ministry, he had been ministering with a healing anointing for quite a few years. Who gave Todd the anointing in the first place?

The greatest disappointment to me was that it remained a one-man show that fell apart when the one man fell. I had hoped that it would just be the beginning of a move that would spread across the country and that thousands of unknown leaders would take it to another level. 

The statement by Fresh Fire is sad to say the least. We need to continue to remember Todd and particularly his family in our prayers.           *Top

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Update: Lakeland Outpouring is ‘Officially’ Over?

Florida Outpouring 014

Picture by eager sky via Flickr

The final ‘official’ meeting of the Lakeland Outpouring was held Sunday (Oct.12)at Ignited Church, six months after Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley launched the daily revival meetings in Lakeland, Florida. Gone were the lights, TV  cameras, healing evangelist, and large tent.

But is it really over?

Actually, the effects of the outpouring continue in a number of different venues and locations.

According to the Charisma article, it continues in a number of different European churches including a significant continuing revival in Dudley, England.

Also, the revival has spread to other churches in the Lakeland area. Here is a recent report from David Copeland of Revival Now Ministry and Carl Thomas of Revival Blog.            *Top 

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Still Looking for Revival

image In the aftermath of the Todd Bentley explosion there are a number of good articles out there on the following blogs to consider for those who are still dealing with the situation:

-The Sound of Thunder

-Cerulean Sanctum

-Gentle Wisdom

-The Revival Blog 

I’m Still Looking For Revival

Myself, I am still looking for revival to sweep across all of North America and affect 100’s of churches in hundreds of different places all at the same time. Then like a tidal wave engulf the UK and wash up on the shores of France and Northwestern Europe. A revival coming soon near you.

A revival that crosses all the man-made divisions and denominations. A revival with no ‘superstars’ to elevate or tear down. A revival that looks to Jesus, engages culture, and brings repentance and change. A revival with lots of healing, that brings folks closer to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

So many are looking for Jesus to come for his church, I’m looking for him to come to it. Come to it? What exactly does that mean? I’m not entirely sure what that means except it’s a ‘word’ that I keep hearing in the Spirit and the church is going to get closer to Jesus and his people will hear his voice in a profound way.

I look for a revival that will bring with it ‘a changing of the guard’ and a whole bunch of new young leaders.  A revival that will change the face of the American church–the end of ‘churchianity’ and the beginning of greater outreach to the community.

This is what I was looking for when the Lakeland outpouring started and had hoped it would be the beginning of. In spite of all the controversy and division in the aftermath, I am still looking for revival…

I say, Come Lord Jesus and surprise us!         *Top

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