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Another Muslim Comes to Christ Via Vision

image I found this over at Persecution Blog, the original is from Reuters. Testimonies like this never really get old and bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart every time:

Amin said he became aware of Jesus Christ after dreaming that a figure dressed in a white robe approached him in a forest and handed him a Bible.

"When I told my father I had become a Christian he just stared at me without speaking. Then he said: ‘From now on, you are not my son. Go to those people, let them feed you and give you a home — we’ll see who cares for you’," said Amin.

He left town, stopped his studies and now lives from translation work offered by a Christian missionary group.

Response: Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ every year through dreams and visions. It is a radical decision for these folks when they come out of the closet and declare their new faith in Jesus. All are rejected by their families, most suffer some kind of persecution, and many even face death.

These folk really know first hand what Christmas is all about and received the gift of his Son Jesus regardless of the consequences.            *Top

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Testimonies from ‘Healing On The Streets’

imageHere’s some links to a great bunch of recent testimonies.

This comes from the street ministry our friend pastor Mark Hadfield is involved with in the UK: ‘Healing On The Streets’.

You have to read these if you want to be edified, uplifted, and encouraged:

Just another Saturday morning

Lots of healing stories

Where two or three are gathered in my Name…

Response: Praise the Lord!

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Jesus- Anywhere and Everywhere

Smith Wigglesworth

(Smith Wigglesworth via Wikipedia)

Another great devotional from Charisma Online to start out the week right:

A Message by Smith Wigglesworth:

When traveling by ship from England to Australia, these people came round me and said, “We want to know if you will join us in an entertainment.” Then they said to me, “Well, we have a very large program and would like to put you down to sing a song.”

“Oh,” I said, “my song will be given just before I sing. So you cannot put it down until I am to sing.”

I sang: If I could only tell it as I know it, My Redeemer who has done so much for me; If I could only tell you how much He loves you,I am sure that you would make Him yours today. Could I tell it? Could I tell it? I never could tell it.
The people were weeping all over. We had some fine young men give themselves to Jesus.

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.—EPHESIANS 6:18

Father God, grant me the boldness to transform any place I am into an occasion for prayer. Amen.            *Top

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Healing Testimonies for November


If you google "healing testimonies" you can spend an entire day just reading what you find on the first 10 pages. Here are links to current healing testimonies for November or October 2008:

–enjoy and be blessed!


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Mozambique: Latest from Heidi Baker and Iris Ministries

image Here’s a link to the latest message from Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique, Africa.

                                       Heidi ends her post with the following:

Nothing is impossible with God.

Please keep praying for us and this ministry. We are so privileged to be alive to see what we are seeing now. We love what God has entrusted for this ministry to do. Thousands are coming to Jesus every month. Orphan children are being brought into our villages weekly.  They are finding out they are adopted by Father God as they meet His Son Jesus. Wells are being dug bringing fresh water, and children and pastors are graduating from our many schools. Thank you again for being such a very important part in all this.

Much love in Jesus,

Response: The message is well worth reading if you want to be blessed and uplifted. Also, we should remember to pray for these folk and their ministry.           *Top

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