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-Miami: ONE Conference Unites 200 Local Churches


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Last weekend in Miami, Florida, Christians from 200 local churches of different denominations across the greater Miami area came together to worship God at the ONE Conference.

The 3 day conference, held at the BankUnited Center on the campus of the University of Miami, brought together folks from every denomination including  charismatics, Pentecostals, non-denominational evangelicals along with  traditional Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists and others.  The get together for Jesus was the culmination of a vision by Pedro Garcia, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Kendall. He hoped that the meetings would ignite a new passion for Jesus and impact the the entire region and world for the glory of God.

Approximately 6,000 attended the event sharing a common focus on Jesus Christ, with teaching from more than a dozen well known Christian leaders as well as worship music by Hillsong United, Dominic Balli and the Rebel Band.

Each speaker challenged the body of Christ in Miami to rise to a higher level of experiencing God and through the Spirit of Unity to actually make a difference and change the world for the better in the name of Jesus. The vision of the conference was “to have charismatics working alongside Evangelicals and other mainline Christian denominations in Miami to demonstrate the love of Christ with strength and unity.”

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Response: Conferences of this type need to be repeated all across America. It is time for all Christians to stand up and be counted and united together in the name of Jesus.

It is time to see what the Father is doing and follow through. It is time for Christians to reach a new level of worship and love of Jesus. For too long we have allowed ourselves to be divided. America needs the church to be unified as never before if this nation is come out of its current trouble and continue to lead the world in freedom. Otherwise we could well see our nation descend into the dust bowl of history.   

The vision I was given many years ago of a major revival in America went across denominational lines and brought a new unity to American Christians and turned them into a force for cultural change pulling the nation out of the fire and destruction that the enemy had planned on.

This year is a critical moment where our nation is facing a number of different choices and paths. Most are not good and do not include or even recognize the hand of God. It is time for American Christians to stand up and be counted in this critical juncture of history. 

Our enemies are planning our destruction but God has different plans for our nation if Christians will stand up and be counted together bringing a new spirit of unity throughout the land—Not by military power, not by might but by my Spirit says the Lord.             *Top

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-Buenos Aires: A Biblical Paradigm of Church Unity

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The Evangelical churches in Buenos Aires, Argentina have combined together to support one another in very unique ways that surpass and breakdown the walls and divisions of denominationalism. They have been seeking revival but came to realize that the church needed greater unity in order for revival to become a reality.

Today more than 180 pastors representing almost 150 churches and hundreds of thousands of members participate in the Buenos Aires council. Take a look at this article about it from Christianity Today‘Something Better Than Revival’

Here’s an interesting quotes-

From Pastor Carlos Mraida of Del Centro Baptist Church:

“Each time the New Testament speaks of the church in a city such as Ephesus, it is always singular, never plural. Yet when the New Testament speaks of leadership in a city, it is always plural. The church is singular, but leadership is plural.”

In noting the large growth of the church there in the last 25 years and yet no revival:

“So it seems that the church grew, but the kingdom of God has not been established. Jesus said the only requirement for us to see revival is that we be one, so that the world may believe [John 17:20-23]. The missionary paradigm of each one doing [his] own thing did not work. We have to go back to a biblical paradigm.”

From Pastor Saracco of Good News Church:

“When we go to the U.S., we cannot understand the division of the church. You can have one pastor on one [street] corner and another on another corner, and they don’t know each other. Here we are friends.”

Response: Better co-operation between Christian churches in a community can bring on revival and real change. I remember a couple of years ago in Jena, Louisiana where the community had been involved with racial division and tensions at the High School that became a national issue. Later that year revival broke out in a church without a pastor and pastors from the other churches in town became involved together including white and black churches. It was a remarkable turn around for that community.


Here’s some links to stories I did at the time:

God is Moving in Jena Louisiana

Update: Jena Revival -Still Going After 7 Weeks

It shows what can happen when churches in a community co-operate together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.          *Top

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