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Another Muslim Comes to Christ Via Vision

image I found this over at Persecution Blog, the original is from Reuters. Testimonies like this never really get old and bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart every time:

Amin said he became aware of Jesus Christ after dreaming that a figure dressed in a white robe approached him in a forest and handed him a Bible.

"When I told my father I had become a Christian he just stared at me without speaking. Then he said: ‘From now on, you are not my son. Go to those people, let them feed you and give you a home — we’ll see who cares for you’," said Amin.

He left town, stopped his studies and now lives from translation work offered by a Christian missionary group.

Response: Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ every year through dreams and visions. It is a radical decision for these folks when they come out of the closet and declare their new faith in Jesus. All are rejected by their families, most suffer some kind of persecution, and many even face death.

These folk really know first hand what Christmas is all about and received the gift of his Son Jesus regardless of the consequences.            *Top

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Iran: A Hidden Revival

image In the West we recently experienced non-stop TV and Internet services coming from Lakeland, Florida. The participants unfortunately became celebrities over night. But there is an incredible revival going on completely hidden from view in one of the most anti-Christian despotic countries in the world–Iran.

I just read this article over the weekend in the June 2008 Charisma mag.:  "A Martyr’s Cry"  by Joel Kilpatrick.  Wow!, it is a must read for those interested in true revival.

It is the story of Haik Hovsepian, the Iranian AG leader who was martyred for his faith. It is a story about a land that has made it illegal to convert from Islam, however, Christ has different plans for Iran and like China, the Gospel is spreading at a phenomenal rate in this country, totally hidden from view.

Right now Iran is experiencing one of the greatest revivals of modern times–due to supernatural phenomena such as dreams and visions. A few short years ago there were only a few thousand Christians in the country, now there are 200,000+!

According to Carl Moeller, president and chief executive officer of Open Doors USA:

“Iran remains one of the worst places in the world for a Christian to live out their faith, preceded only by North Korea and Saudi Arabia,”

“The abuse of Christians, literally, in the justice system is legendary. Christians do not have the same rights as the other Islamic citizens. They are routinely discriminated against, restricted, and in many cases when they seek to evangelize and disciple, church leaders are arrested, interrogated, tortured and even killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.

“However, the church there is growing incredibly. In Iran there is a revival that maybe is only rivaled by the Chinese revival [of recent years]. Honest, seeking Muslims are having dreams of Jesus Christ.

“Some are being approached by what we can only call angels in parks and being confronted with their personal sins and told they need to come to Jesus Christ. It’s a revival the likes of which we’ve rarely seen in the history of the church. It’s been Holy Spirit-driven through dreams and visions and the technology available to us in the 21st century.”

What an incredible turn of events and totally unprecedented in an Islamic country, praise God! I can’t tell you how encouraging this is to me at this time, thank you Lord.            *Top

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Muslim Converts After Vision of Jesus

This is an incredible story.  Yasmin became a Christian after she had  a vision of Jesus during the difficult birth of her son. She tried to keep her faith a secret from her family, since she was afraid of how they would react. Later, when they did find out that she was a Christian, the persecution followed.

image image According to Yasmin, she was harassed on the street, and disowned by her family. Her husband hired thugs to beat her up and planned on having her killed. She finally moved out to another part of the country with her children in secrecy. Her husband tracked her down and tried to take the children, objecting to them being raised by a Christian. Here are some excerpts of her experience:

"He continually intimidated and harassed me and hired someone to beat me in the street. Wherever we went there would always be a car following us and watching us."

"Everyone in the local Muslim community knew I was a Christian and didn’t want to know me. People would cross the street rather than greet me and often spat in my face. They tried to pressure me to leave town. But I had already been chased out of one town so I was determined not to let them intimidate me."

"One of the most difficult things about becoming a Christian from a Muslim background is losing your family. There are such tight family networks in our communities. If someone becomes a Christian then they are considered to bring shame on the whole family and the only response is to cut them out of the family."

Response: I hear of and read that more and more Muslims are converting to Christianity through Visions and direct experiences with Jesus. This is becoming common, particularly in Muslim countries that outlaw conversions and missionaries.

What is really incredible about this story, and the surprising and stunning punch line is this—Yasmin lives in the UK!

We really do need to remember to pray for Yasmin and her children. Also, for all the others like her who have converted and face persecution and even death for the sake of their faith in Jesus.             *Top

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Revival Among the Muslims -Part II:
100 Million Coming to Christ?

A Continuation -read the previous article first: “Revival Among the Muslims -Part I: 6 Million a Year Coming to Christ

We left off talking about how incredible it was that 6 million Muslims are said to be coming to Christ every year. Sheikh Katani was sounding the alarm on an Al-Jazeerah interview.

As great as that sounds, I am actually looking for more than 100 million Muslims to be converted from every Muslim nation. Now that sounds nearly impossible. Nevertheless, our God is God and our Lord is Lord over all. Even over the principalities and powers of Islam.

Shortly after 9/11/01, I had one of the clearest and most incredible experiences that I have ever had with the Lord. I was sitting in my easy chair watching the aftermath coverage on TV one evening, and I was casually asking the Lord why he allowed such a tragedy to happen to our nation, and I was wondering about the future. Read more »

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Revival Among the Muslims -Part I:
6 Million a Year Coming to Christ

According to an interview on Al-Jazeerah with Sheikh Ahmad Al Katani, over 6 million Muslims are being converted to Christianity in Africa every year. 6 million sounds like a lot, but I’m looking for a major revival that touches every Muslim nation and brings 100 million to Christ.

One Hundred million Muslims converting to Christianity sounds rather improbable doesn’t it. After all, most Muslim countries are closed to missions and many do not allow conversions from Islam. I know how it sounds; I have been living with this idea for over five years now and have only dared to mention it publicly on two occasions. Yet that word and figure came to me in one of the clearest and most incredible experiences that I have ever had with the Lord. Read more »

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