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-Best of Charismatica in 2011


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Top Posts Written in 2011

Here’s our top ten list of posts written in 2011 based upon the number of views and comments:

1.  -Iran Cracking Down on the Christian Revival

2.  -What is Really Behind the Chaos in the Middle East

3.  -25,000+ Young People Attend ‘Onething’ IHOP Conference

4.  -71,000 Christians Attend Prayer Event in Cairo, Egypt

5.  -Japan: A New Opportunity to Spread the Gospel and Bring Revival?

6.  -Church Today Not What God Intended?

7.  -Baptist Revival: Candies Creek Move

8.  -The Hospital Healing Prayer Initiative

9.  -Double Dip Recession, Depression, and Israel?

10.  -What is it About the Marketplace?


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-The Fallacious ‘World is Ending’ Debacle

Harold Camping in 2008

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Today is supposedly the day- May 21, 2011 –another date that will live in infamy.  This is like watching an accident about to happen and not being able to do anything to stop it.

It is all over the news. The media is having fun with it. These crazy Christians that actually believe in the Bible. You may have seen a billboard or read the entire back page ad in USA Today like I did, or listened to the frantic radio warning that I just listened to on the way home from work. Every where you turn seemingly something or someone is referring to Harold Camping’s prediction that the world is coming to an end today on May 21, 2011.

Usually on this blog we look at revival and evidences of God moving throughout the world. This is not one of those occasions but the antithesis – a situation where well meaning ‘Christians’ are shooting themselves in the foot and making a laughing stock out of Bible believers.

<<Here’s my complete take on this unfortunate episode>>


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-2011: Year of the Joseph Butterflies?

Watch me fly away, give me life like a butterf...

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Some prophetic folks around here keep seeing visions of butterflies in connection with 2011. Lately we have had lots of rain in the natural which is usually a portent for an abundance of butterflies in the spring.

The message seems to be that many ministries and called ones have been hidden up and have been going through a time of preparation or metamorphosis but will soon be released to fly and do what they have been called to do.

Some are like Joseph who did his best as a slave in prison but was released in a day to do and be what he was really called to do. Others have been doing ministries they have not really been called to do –e.g: prophetical ministers and evangelists serving as pastors. These are about ready to be coughed up on the shore like Jonah and finally become who they are really called to be and do what they are really supposed to do.

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