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-Move of God in Hungary and Among the Gypsies

An enlargeable basic map of Hungary

(Hungary via Wikipedia)

From all accounts, Europe is going the wrong direction when it comes to the ongoing world harvest –at least Western Europe.

However, Eastern Europe is becoming a different story. We have previously written about the current revival among the Gypsies or Roma. Now here’s a link to J.Lee Grady’s latest article:

Growing Spiritual Hunger in Hungary

Grady begins his article with this observation:

The passion for revival I saw in eastern Europe this week rivaled what I have seen in Africa or Asia.

Then he goes on to describe the current ongoing move of God among the Gypsies and Hungarians which he was able to observe during his visit. He winds up his article with this very encouraging assessment:

Blind eyes opening … in Europe? Three-hour worship sessions … in Europe? Churches filled with teenagers and young adults … in Europe? It’s all happening in Hungary, a nation that borders seven other European countries—and could affect them all. I’m not writing off this region. What I saw this week in Hungary was enough to convince me that a new spiritual trend has begun.

Well worth reading and guaranteed to bless everyone looking for revival.            *Top

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