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-We Don’t Need to Fake the Power of God

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We don’t need to fake the power of God, it is real.

I have been to hundreds of meetings over the years where the Holy Spirit power of God was so evident that folks were naturally falling down all on their own. Then I have observed those who seem to want to help things along with a shove or two.

I can remember one occasion where I was given a slight shove but I responded by refusing to go down. On other occasions I have found myself naturally on the floor and didn’t know how I got there and had real trouble getting up to leave an hour or so later.

Here’s a timely article by J. Lee Grady who likens some of shoving to a gaudy TV wrestling match:

Please Stop the Holy Ghost Smackdown

Grady tells about one experience he had receiving a physical fleshly shove that actual hurt:

When I looked up, the wild-eyed preacher was heading toward me with his arms flailing. I tried to duck, but when he got close enough he shouted “in the name of Jesus” and slapped me across the face. I tumbled to the floor.

My face and neck were stinging with pain. I had not been slain in the spirit, as some observers assumed. I had been assaulted. This man used his own strength to make people think he had imparted a special anointing to me. All he did was give me a headache.

Wow, all in the name of Jesus? What ever happen to only doing what the Father was actually doing (John 5:19)? That is what Jesus did and we should follow his example if we want real revival that will actually change lives and change our nation. It is time to shut down the circus and the show and seek only the genuine.

Our nation is in serious trouble and the time for fun and games is over. We need the real thing or our nation will never be the same.             *Top

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“A Fresh Anointing”

image Here’s some great thoughts from Pastor Mark Batterson:

“The longer I preach the more cognizant I am of this fact: my words don’t mean anything without the quickening of the Holy Spirit. I’d rather have people hear one word from the Lord than a thousand of my sermons!
My prayer coming into 2009 was simply this: a greater anointing. Honestly, I don’t even know what that means or how it happens. Just keeping it real. But I know I want it and need it. And I feel it. I preach with more conviction now than I did six months ago.”

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Response: Praise God! That is what I call an encouraging word in these troubled times—more of the Lord, more of his anointing, more of his Holy Spirit, more of HIS word. Rejoice! This is exactly what the whole American Church needs.          *Top

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