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-Student Awakening at IHOP in Kansas City


Here’s Charisma Mag’s write-up of what is happening at International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Thousands of young people are attending nightly ‘awakening’ services at IHOP’s school of ministry which started in a morning class on November the 11. Now it is spreading to other colleges and universities through a live webcast during the meetings.

Here’s IHOP’s official website with the available webcast and their account of how it all started and their perspective on what is going on:

“On November 11, during a 9:00am class of first-year students, led by Allen Hood and Wes Hall at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU), the Spirit moved in their midst with physical healings, deliverance, and a spirit of joy. That class, on November 11, continued for more than 15 hours. The word spread quickly, and over 2,000 people spontaneously gathered in the auditorium from all over the Kansas City area, as deliverance and physical healings increased. The meeting continued well past midnight. Recognizing that the Spirit was moving, the leadership of IHOPU canceled all classes for the next few days so that we could gather to receive all that the Spirit wanted to do.”…

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