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-We Really Need to be Praying for This Guy

Thousands listen to President Barack Obama's r...

          (National Prayer Breakfast via Wikipedia)

Here’s President Obama at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. this morning:

"These past two years they have deepened my faith." …

"My Christian faith then has been a sustaining force for me over these last few years, all the more so when Michelle and I hear our faith questioned from time to time. We are reminded that ultimately what matters is not what other people say about us, but whether we’re being true to our conscience and true to our God."

He then quoted Scripture: "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you, as well.’"

Also according to the article by Elizabeth Tenety the President shared the following:

Shared that he prays "that I might walk closer with God and make that walk my first and most important task."

Called Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) "a brother in Christ."

Characterized his father as "nonreligious" and his mother as spiritual, but not religious.

"I came to know Jesus Christ for myself," while working with faith leaders as a community organizer.

Every morning and night, the president said, "I wait on the Lord," asking for strength and forgiveness.

On the prayers of a father: "As I travel across the country, folks often ask me, what is it that I pray for? And like most of you, my prayers sometimes are general: Lord, give me the strength to meet the challenges of my office. Sometimes they’re specific: Lord, give me patience as I watch Malia go to her first dance, where there will be boys. Lord, have that skirt get longer as she travels to that dance."

We also learn in this article that Florida Pastor Joel Hunter and Potter’s House T.D. Jakes have served as spiritual advisers to the President.

Response: We really need to be praying for this guy. After all Paul was inspired to tell the early Christians to pray for the Roman leaders how much more should we be praying for a fellow Christian even if we don’t agree with his politics- and I disagree personally with almost everything he has done and stood for in the last two years.

Nevertheless, as I have prayed for the President and his family I have become far more sympathetic for the position he is in and have strangely begun to like him personally even though I still disagree with him at nearly every turn.

We live in dangerous times and we really do need the Lord to bless our leaders considering all of the chaotic things that they are facing economically and in the World.

Here are two prophetical messages that include something about the President Obama and a coming governmental/Constitutional crisis in America. Both suggest that we need to be praying for our leaders and be careful about be too negative and uncharitable towards the President:

-2011 Prophetic Perspectives 

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