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-Revival Among Women Prisoners

women's prison

      (Image by bradleygee via Flickr)

According to Daughters of Destiny, the Holy Spirit is on the move in woman’s prisons. In the last year alone, more than 7,500 have made decisions for Christ.

Daughters of Destiny is a prison ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel among women inmates holding Bible studies and evangelism events in 203 detention facilities in 25 states across America. Annie Goebel of Daughters of Destiny told reporters:

“There’s an excitement and fervor for God. In the past, 7 to 10 percent of the inmates at a facility might attend our meetings. Now we’re seeing 30 to 90 percent.”

Her husband Mel Goebel noted:

“We are experiencing revival in women’s prisons through the U.S.  We see a movement of repentance, and as a result the women inside are passionate to share their faith with others in prison.”

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