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-China: Revival in the ‘Official’ Churches Also

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Most of the time when it comes to China, Western Christians hear about all of the great stuff happening in unofficial house churches while many contend that the official ‘Three-Self Patriotic’ Churches are somewhat compromised by the government.

According to the following article, that is no longer the case as real revival has also come to the official churches and faithful leaders are becoming pastors and leaders in that movement and are increasingly left alone to teach and preach the Gospel.

Here’s a link to the article: “Fires of Holy Ghost Revival Burning in China

According to the writer, revival has been going on for some time in the house churches in the rural areas of China now it is raging also in the large official churches in the big cities with thousands of young people coming to Christ. Not only that but the ‘official’ churches are experiencing a genuine Holy Spirit revival with healings,  praying in tongues, and prophesying.

All we can say about this is that it is a real mark of a genuine move of God when a revival goes beyond the organizational, denominational, and political boundaries that people are comfortable with and touches people and places where most proper Christians will not go.

For a long time the ‘official’ churches were considered to be cursed and tainted by the government but God is doing a work there anyway touching thousands of young people in urban areas and bringing with it exponential growth. Praise God.            *Top

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-China: The Biggest Revival in History?

Here’s quote from a recent article in Charisma magazine:

“Every day, 30,000 people believe in Jesus—even communist party members. It’s the greatest revival in church history.”


When the Communists took over China in 1949 there were only about 900,000 or so Christians in the country according to the best estimates. Now there are more than 150 million and no one really can keep tabs on the actually number since there are actually thousands of Chinese coming to Christ every day. Some are calling it the greatest revival in History.

It is transforming the country and has real implications for the future. Consider that at the current growth rate of the church, China could actually become a majority Christian nation within a generation or so.

Nevertheless, most of the Christian ‘house’ churches do not have official recognition and their existence is rather precarious even though most are meeting openly. Also, there are still jurisdictions in that rather vast country where Christians are still being persecuted and must meet in secret. However, increasingly the government is leaving them alone in most areas.  Note also that nearly all of the major Christian leaders have spent at least some time in jail and prison for the faith.

Here’s one report from the article:

“I’ve never seen this in America.  I saw hungry people, people getting healed, and heard of stories of revival. It’s like the book of Acts. Living here we have a completely different perspective [than Westerners have].”

<<Read the entire Charisma article for more >>              *Top

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-71,000 Christians Attend Prayer Event in Cairo, Egypt


Most of the time ‘bad news’ is coming out of Egypt, for once here’s a sovereign work of God.

The following report comes to us from long-time Christian blogger Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) who was visiting in Egypt at the time and attended the ‘Day of Prayer 11.11.11’:

– 71,000 attended the all-night prayer meeting in Cairo.

– It was the largest Christian event in Egypt for over a thousand years

– It was held at the cave church on Cairo’s largest garbage city, Mokattam. This church is called St Simeon the Tanner Coptic Orthodox Church.

– The gospel was proclaimed during the Prayer event and some people responded to the challenge call to follow Jesus.

– Prayers for healing were made at midnight and some people were healed of physical problems.

– It was an Egyptian event. Buses took people to this event from all over Egypt. …

One Egyptian Evangelical leader told Andrew following this event:

 "I saw signs of the beginning of revival that I have never seen before!"

<<Read the entire report and the instructive comments following>>

Also while you are at it, read some of the other stories of Andrew’s visit in Egypt. They are eye opening and heart warming to say the least.

Response: It was remarkable on a number of different levels. Folks being healed and coming to Christ plus a real unity displayed in the Christian community. Also read Andrew’s report of prophetic words coming to the Christian leaders there. Obviously the Holy Spirit is at work awakening all of the Christians in Egypt including the Coptic Church. Amazing.

Note how in the report the Evangelical pastor was seemingly slighted at the prayer event but continued anyway in support and unity with his fellow Coptic Christians. What a great example for all of us.

The Christians in Egypt have been constantly under pressure and attack from the radical Islamists since the storied beginning of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which the Western media has cast as a push towards Western-style democracy.

However, it is in reality an Islamist revival with undercurrents that have brought increased intolerance and persecution of the Christian community. We should remember to throw up a few prayers of our own in agreement and support for our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt. Also let’s pray that real revival will spring up and bring a new kind of ‘Arab Spring’ starting with this event in Cairo.          *Top

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-Revival Report: Move of God in Paris (Not France but Arkansas)

Holy Spirit dove window

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Paris, Arkansas is a town of 3,500 or so and far less famous than the city you all know about in France.  First Assembly of God in Paris planned to hold ‘revival’ services beginning in February but God changed the date a gave them the real deal in January instead.

According to Senior Pastor Ken Maness when the new year rolled around he just knew God was about to do something big:

“The Lord just began to move. People were just getting healed. We were just having tremendous services; people getting saved.”

“In modern times I have not witnessed people literally being under so much conviction that they would get up and run to the altar. But we saw that time and time again. Just run, just desperate to get to the altar to give their hearts to God. That was just tremendous.”

Meanwhile folks traveled quite a distance to worship there and experience the outpouring which lasted 11 weeks and culminated with 155 salvations and 114 baptisms in the Holy Spirit. Then according to Pastor Maness the intensity began to wane:

“That convicting power was just not there like it was.”

Though the revival officially ended in April, the Lord continues to move in Paris changing the hearts and lives of many. According to Pastor Maness:

“[The Lord] has brought us, I think, into a time of taking care of the harvest and taking care of the fruit from our revival … I really felt like He spoke to my heart and said and encouraged us as a church … to take care of the fruit of this revival so He can trust us for another outpouring—for future outpourings.”

Response: I envision outpourings like this in communities all across North America. Each one will be somewhat unique and especially designed for that area and some will last longer than others.

This is just one of the first few kernels of revival corn to pop. Eventually there will be moves of God happening in so many places that it will be difficult to keep track of them all. Praise the Lord for small beginnings and unexpected glorious results.            *Top

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-Baptist Revival: Candies Creek Move

Holy Spirit dove window

(by hickory hardscrabble via Flickr)

According to Jamie Work, pastor of Candies Creek Baptist Church in Charleston, Tenn.:

God turned an “11-day summit into a six-week revival” at Candies Creek, and the revival is continuing.
“As a result of corporate prayer and repentance, God is birthing us into a brand-new church.”

In his testimony before the SBC Executive Committee, Pastor Work told how Candies Creek spent weeks in prayer before the initial April 10-20 revival meetings at the church. As a result, the Holy Spirit birthed a move of God that resulted in over 25 hours of public confession of sin:

“We are still dealing with what God has been saying to us. Our world has been turned upside down.”

Also the church itself ended up confessing its corporate sin.  The following were some of the sins covered:

prayerlessness; superficiality with God and one another; failure to practice biblical, redemptive church discipline; lukewarmness (a lack of commitment); preoccupation with mammon (money and stuff); and programmatic worship (non-Spirit led).

Though the revival meetings officially ended after six weeks, regular prayer meetings continue to be well attended by the members. Pastor Work says that as a result of the move:

Candies Creek will “push all ministries off the table and put prayer in the center. Then, we will rebuild our ministries around prayer.”

We need to take people deeper into their walk with the Lord in order to get them into a deeper relationship with each other.”

As a result of their experience, Pastor work put forth a resolution before the recent SBC conference in Phoenix,Arizona seeking revival across all of America beginning with prayer and repentance.

See the following resolution adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention:

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