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-A Word for 2010 From ACPE: ‘Breaking Debt Cycles’

Word for the Church Here’s another section of the ACPE ‘Word for 2010’ that clearly spoke to me in particular. This is something that the Lord is stressing right now in my life—‘get out of debt’:

Breaking Debt Cycles

Key Scripture passage: “The spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; he has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed” (Luke 4:18).

We felt that the Lord had given us an “eye of the storm” time period to get out of debt. In fact, as we discussed the many prophetic warnings about a second economic shaking, we felt that the Lord in His mercy had extended a period of grace to His people because many were not ready for another shaking.

Supernatural ability to get out of debt is being released. If you will start paying your debts, even in very small amounts, God will supernaturally get behind your efforts and help you get out of debt.

Response: Actually this word is good in any year. But in the midst of recession when so many Christians are having a hard time even paying our current bills much less get out of debt it is particularly poignant. Also it reminds us of the importance to rely on God for supernatural help in getting it done.

Fact is, God can give you new ideas and download information and wisdom to you that can help you get out of debt and even have extra $money to invest in ministries.  This is the essence of a ‘Kingdom economy’ that is not ‘business as usual’ but relies upon God in a major way.

I have heard many prophetical folks saying that right now is just the ‘calm before the storm’ or like in this document ‘the eye of the storm’—a time for us to rest and get prepared for another coming maybe even greater recession or even depression.

I believe that the severity of the next economic dip may depend upon how his church responds to his offer of bringing major revival. A new awakening is coming whether the Lord just needs to awaken his church with a ‘sleeping beauty kiss’ or whether a swift kick will be necessary. He still has major purposes in mind for America and he is not done with us yet.

The American church (and Western Church for that matter) has become so enmeshed in the dominant secular/materialistic culture that most Christians in this country are far too disconnected from the supernatural Christian Biblical view that would bring His Kingdom into the midst of their daily lives.

In order to rise up and be the Church and people that we are called to be it will be necessary for the Church to cast off the bonds of the dominant culture and allow the ‘rule of God’ to in flood our daily lives.

Hopefully we will not have to become desperate before we allow the Kingdom to come to our homes, jobs, businesses, marketplaces, and churches.             *Top

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-A Word for 2010 From ACPE: ‘Third Great Awakening’

Word for the Church Here’s a link to a prophetic Word for 2010 from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) distributed by Cindy Jacobs. It a compilation of the prophetic releases from that group.

The preamble makes some good points in regard to present era prophecy:

There are differing variables that can affect the timing and/or coming to pass of these words:

  1. All prophecy not contained in scripture is conditional.
  2. The timing of when the prophecy comes to pass may occur over a longer period of time than one calendar year.  Some take many years to fulfill.
  3. It is possible that prophetic warnings will cause either the person or nation to repent and so turn away the judgment prophesied.  Biblically, this happened when Jonah prophesied to Nineveh and the city repented, causing God to relent.

There are a number of points in the document that hit home and confirm some of the stuff that I believe that the Lord has been saying to me. Particularly poignant is word that a new wind of the Holy Spirit is coming that touches a number of different nations in a special way.

The sections-  ‘Third Great Awakening’ and ‘Evangelism’ leaped out at me in particular:

Third Great Awakening

We believe that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that came on November 11, 2009, in Kansas City signaled the beginning of a Third Great Awakening that we prophesied would come to America and the world. November 11th was the day the Pilgrims made covenant with God in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Many intercessors across the nation are crying out to God for the nation to once again become "a city set on a hill." If we continue to pray and call out to God, the nation will shift.


Many churches will wake up and evangelize the lost in their cities and nations. Thousands will be swept into the kingdom of God through new "power evangelism" movements in which people [will be] shown by supernatural means that God is real.

Churches who haven’t baptized in years will begin to see many people come to Christ. Dead churches will become resurrected under the fire and power of the Holy Spirit’s working, and many [who are] lost will be swept into the kingdom of God.

I really do believe that there is another ‘Great Awakening’ coming to North America that will touch hundreds of churches and cities in a special way across all of North America.

One of the keys to the new awakening will revolve around the Kingdom of God (that is the rule of God) invading into the marketplace where we all spend a majority of our lives. An expansion the Kingdom into the workplace and businesses where we spent our daylight hours.

It is in that process that God the Father will help his children to overcome their debts and become economically secure even in the midst of major recession. Not only that, but find spiritual blessing, purpose, and fulfillment at work and in businesses.

We’ll look at more of this message in later posts.            *Top

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